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Thread: cannot access my mail server on my ISP site (POP3 and SMTP)

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    amosss Guest

    Default cannot access my mail server on my ISP site (POP3 and SMTP)


    The Background

    My computer is a client in SBS network.

    My computer runs winXP with sp2

    My server runs SBS 2000 with ISA server

    My ISP is: *** ***

    My computer runs an ISA client program.

    My POP3 mail server is: *** *** it s IP is:

    My SMTP server is *** *** it s IP is:

    The SBS server is connected to the internet (cable) and it runs an ISA server

    Never before had problems connecting my POP3 and SMTP servers on Netvision via MS Outlook

    The Problem

    Following the installation of the ZA Internet security suit v6.5 (about 2 weeks ago) cannot contact the POP3 and SMTP servers on Netvision. and cannot download and/or upload my e-mails

    The outlook message is after trying to test my account: Send test e-mail message: Unable to connect the outgoing mail server (SMTP)

    While Sending and receiving mail from the main OUTLOOK interface fails reporting the Error message: Sending and receiving mail reported error (0X800CCC0F): the connection to the server interrupted if the problem continues contact your server admin or ISP

    Another problem that aroused that seems to be somewhat connected is the failure of the attempts to download the ZA antivirus update via the ZA interface ( Error: receive failed )

    Despite the above problems surfing the internet and even is no problem

    Things I tried (ALL failed):

    I defined both IPs ( and as Trusted Zones

    I added for them an 2 expert definitions with TCP + POP3 and SMTP respectively

    I tried to Ping to and and received Destination host unreachable.

    I tried to Telnet to 110 and 25 but the command failed and cleared my CMD screen.

    I disabled the ISA client

    I disabled the windows firewall

    As noted above nothing worked

    Any IDEA what should I do next ?



    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: cannot access my mail server on my ISP site (POP3 and SMTP)

    I'm not sure I've got a complete understanding of your set-up but I'm going to try to help. Assume your e-mail client worked before the installation of ZASS, the first thing I'd like for you to try is go to your Zone Alarm > Overview > Preferences panel, uncheck the 'Load ZASS at Startup' option then reboot. Does your e-mail work as it should now? If it does, then recheck the load at boot option and post back.

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