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    For some reason, when I try to login to my account, I get redirected to a "cannot find page" message, but after I login and it goes to start displaying the page, then it all of the sudden turns up this message, even after it looks like it found the page and is already drawing it. I get the "cannot find page" message on seems that perhaps this page is some how blocked? How do I fix this?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Hmmmm Ebates is associated with Zango and Alexa and Xp Keyloogger. They make good profits by tracking your browsing habits, selling it to vendors, but really it is spying on you. If there is a BHO ( Browser Helper Object) in the IE6 and/or software installed... the best advice is to uninstall these immediately. The ZA is doing it's job quite nicely for your PC! There is definitely a tracking cookie(s) involved in this that will probably track all of your internet browsing, not just the browsing from that is probably all of your browsing. Nasty stuff really!

    Look here

    OR just look at the page excerpt....

    Ebates Moe Money Maker 4.0 Remove Spyware Now!

    Remove Spywpare
    > Learn More

    The Moe Money Maker software alerts you when you visit an Ebates store without logging into first. This software runs as a BHO and has a Ebates icon in the Internet Explorer toolbar so you can edit some preferences for the use of the Ebates software.

    Vendor Description
    From the vendor website[], "Ebates is all about saving money and getting Cash Back whenever you shop online. When you become a member and shop through Ebates, you can save literally thousands of dollars every year on the things you're already buying."

    Browser Helper Object : (BHO). A component that Internet Explorer will load whenever it starts, shares IE's memory context, can perform any action on the available windows and modules. A BHO can detect events, create windows to display additional information on a viewed page, monitor messages and actions. Microsoft calls it "a spy we send to infiltrate the browser's land." BHOs are not stopped by personal firewalls, because they are seen by the firewall as your browser itself. Some exploits of this technology search all pages you view in IE and replace banner advertisements with other ads. Some monitor and report on your actions. Some change your home page.

    Reasons For Retention
    Fails the following item on the eTrust PestPatrol Scorecard v2.06.03: Updates itself or any other item without clear notice to the user and user permission at time of update.


    Others By This Author
    Mate Watcher
    MyGlobalSearch Toolbar
    Spy Lantern Keylogger 3.0
    XP Advanced Keylogger
    Spy Lantern Keylogger
    Zango Toolbar
    XP Keylogger
    Spilt Trojan

    Ebates, Inc.


    Date of Origin
    March, 2006

    Privacy Policy

    List of Objects Present:
    PestPatrol detects the following files and registry entries for this software..

    Executable Files:
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate smoemoneymaker.exe
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\e1035 0.exe

    DLL Files: %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate smoemoneymaker2.dll
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate smoemoneymaker.dll

    Registry Items:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\internet explorer\extensions\{f2b441cc-e026-47fb-bdc3-a07750fa3d2c}
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\internet explorer\menuext\ebates.
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\curr entversion\uninstall\unebmm10350

    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate smoemoneymaker2.dll
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\ebatessmmm\ebateslmmm.dat
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\ebatessmmm\ebatespmmm.dat
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\ebatessmmm\ebatessmmm.dat
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\ebatestmmm\log.txt
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\html\ebmmc0.htm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\html\ebmmh0.htm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\html\ebmmp0.htm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\html\ebmmp0_dis.htm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\html\ebmmr0.htm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\html\ebmmrnicp0.htm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\html\ebmmrpmp0.htm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\html\ebmmrpms0.htm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm.ico
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_button_clickhere.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_button_getcashbck.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_button_no.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_button_submit.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_button_yes.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_clear.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_clrpxl.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_cou_button_savenow.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_cou_logo_greenbground.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_cou_moe.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_cou_moe_logo.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_dotted_divider.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_doublelines_bot.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_doublelines_bot_grn.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_grayblock.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_green_bg.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_hot.ico
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_instructions_header.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_logo_lrg.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_logo_topmox.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_logo1.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_moe_question.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_moe_reminder.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_moe_top.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_moe_with_cash.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_preferences.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_prefs_browser.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_spacer.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_step1.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_step2.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_step3.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_step4.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_step5_tear.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images\ebmm_step6_tear.gif
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\readm e.txt
    %programs%\ebates moe money maker\ebates moe money maker faq.lnk
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\e1035 0.exe
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate atmmm\ebmm10350.dat
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate atmmm\ebmmp10350.dat
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate smoemoneymaker.dll
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate smoemoneymaker.exe


    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate atmmm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate sdmmm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\ebatessmmm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\ebatestmmm
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\html
    %program_files%\ebatesmoemoneymaker4\ebate ssmmm\images
    %programs%\ebates moe money maker

    File Analysis
    Ebates Moe Money Maker 4.0
    Research By
    Computer Associates eTrust PestPatrol

    Take care


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    Default Re: Can't access some sites -

    Want to see more?

    OR just look at this....Spyware Information Center Remove Spyware Now!

    Remove Spyware from your PC with CA's eTrust
    Anti-Spyware. The same technology used to protect Fortune 500
    companies is now available for your PC!
    > Learn More

    Tracking Cookie : Any cookie that is shared among two or more web pages for the purpose of tracking a user's surfing history.


    Mailing Address
    Ebates 185 Berry Street, Suite 4700 San Francisco, CA 94107-1739


    Date of Origin
    January, 2004

    Distribution 0.0%

    Clot Factor 1

    Growth Insufficient data to report growth

    List of Objects Present:
    PestPatrol detects the following files and registry entries for this software..

    More Info
    AOL Search
    Ask Jeeves

    Research By
    PestPatrol's Pest Research Center

    Take care..
    Best regards.

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    mchinsomboon Guest

    Default Re: Can't access some sites -

    Can I setup ZA to remove these from my system or do I have to get the PestPatrol from CA? I have the ZA anti-spyware turned on already.Is this related to the pop ups that I'm getting from as well? I can't get rid of these either.

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    Default Re: Can't access some sites -


    The self help method would be to try the download/install of Ewido from it is freeware after the trial and an excellent antitrojan.
    Also download/install the Superantispyware from This too is freeware.

    If you would like a Pestpatrol version 2005, in English, for free with a full year of updates... then download from the German site at...

    Just update both of the first two scanners, and run the scans. Even running the scans in the Safe mode is quite helpful for a better detection and removal. Let us see what happens. But it is very adviseable to use the freeware CCleaner form This will remove the unwanted files and registry keys from this malware thatb are left over from the cleanup of the two scanners. Even if the two scanners do not remove, and are just able to find and show where the items are residing, that is enough information to followup with a manual removal.

    If the popup still is there on the PC, the best way is with a HJT ( HiJackThis ) scan and just signin and send the log finding to a HJT forum such as or

    Please note that in all of the HJT section of the HJT forums, they do have a rather lengthy steps to be done before the actual posting of the HJT logs. So even if you did not post the HJT, the steps they show to help remvove the malware is just great.
    Also look at their self help page just specifically made for the users.

    These are really a great way to help remove the malware/spyware also. The HJT experts in these forums where the users post are providing a free and expert service to help the users of the internet.A great and tremendous free service- and very effective.

    Hope this helps!


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    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware
    Software Version:6.1
    Best regards.

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