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Thread: Block Yahoo Messenger Chat Rooms

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    kournikovabug Guest

    Default Block Yahoo Messenger Chat Rooms

    How do I block access to Yahoo Messenger Chat rooms ?? Ofcourse Yahoo Messenger should function as it is and should only block Chat rooms. Any software or any tweak in this regard will be great

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Block Yahoo Messenger Chat Rooms

    Only way of blocking Yahoo! chat room is to uninstall Yahoo Messenger all together.There are ways to kill a few certain dll's that belong to messenger that will hinder someone from being able to enter chat room,but this method may also corrupt the entire program itself.

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    Default Re: Block Yahoo Messenger Chat Rooms

    The other way is to resort to the web messenger version which is very basic, and only has IM capability. The web messenger can be accessed from within My Yahoo after logging in. You don't need the stand alone version installed so you can uninstall it.

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