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Thread: Won't stop running update

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    _paranoia_ Guest

    Default Won't stop running update

    Hey all,
    My ZASS says update is running all the time, It won't allow me to shut ZA down or stop the update process from running. When I try to shut it down to see if this will fix the problem I get a message that says Please close all dialogs before shutting down.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?
    Thank you in advance for any help you may give.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    finalheaven Guest

    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    I have this same exact problem. I've seen other users post about the same issue.

    Apparently ZA technical support is nonexistent along with any useful reply on these boards, making them nothing more than superficial triviality.

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    jackpennings Guest

    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    Ditto - same problem observed here. Windows XP home, ZA 6.5.737.000, Antivirus Vet Engine version Anyone out there from Zone labs? There's a problem here...

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    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    Try turning the program control down to medium and see if it can get in.
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    tacpow Guest

    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    It appears that ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0 has some frustrating new bugs.

    One minor irratant is the freezing of outlook during send and receive operations.
    This Outlook freeze up lasts 10 - 30 seconds on my system.
    The "Update is running" bug is more frustrating and causes your internet access to bottleneck and Outlook to totally freeze during updates.
    These "Update is running" freeze ups can last several minutes to several hours.
    Some have reported the problems lasting days.

    The only fix appears to be CTRL ALT DEL and rebooting.
    disabling the
    auto update (not very secure if you ask me, but frozen computer syndrome is even less acceptable).

    I gotta believe Zonelabs is aware of this Bug since the default settings have auto-update turned off (even though ZL recommends having it on).

    odd and very
    Sad Sad Sad.

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    vicsam Guest

    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    I had this same problem, and the update was running every few hours, totally locking up my system while it did so, even when I had it set to check for updates manually instead of automatically (Overview > Preferences tab).
    I *FINALLY* found out how to get it to stop. *****Make a note of this*****, because I just installed a major program version update (to 7.0.462.000)
    and it reset my previous fix, so I had to go back and do the
    following again:
    In addition to setting "Check for Updates" to "Manually" as described above, you have to go to Anti-virus/Anti-spyware > Main tab and click on the Advanced Options button in the lower right corner. Under Advanced Options in the left-hand column, click on Updates, then UNCHECK both of the boxes on the right under Updates ("Enable automatic anti-virus updates" and "Enable automatic anti-spyware udates" - both are checked as the default) and click OK to exit that screen.

    Now the automatic updating WILL truly be turned off. You can update manually from the "Check for Updates" button at Overview > Preferences, or from the "Update Now" button at the bottom center of the Anti-virus/Anti-spyware > Main tab.

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    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    in version 7.0.462.000 you can even select when it should update once every 1,3,6...24 hours.
    No need to turn-it off

    And you should update at least one per day to be protected even if it is recommended to do it at least every three hours.


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    vicsam Guest

    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    The way the update feature is currently implemented is causing serious problems for users for a number of reasons:
    (1) When you look up "updating software" in the Help index, it directs the user to the Overview > Preferences tab, where you then select to update "Automatically" or "Manually". It never mentions that there is another location within the program where there are default settings that will affect your Preferences selection or override it completely.
    (2) The "hidden"/"unmentioned" settings located/buried under Anti-virus/Anti-spyware > Advanced Options > Updates (the ones that MUST be changed from the defaults in order to actually fix the problem everyone is complaining about) shouldn't even be there in the first place. All of these settings should be consolidated at ONE location - under Overview > Preferences where users rightfully EXPECT to configure Preferences settings. I was forced to go through the entire program section by section, tab by tab, screen by screen, and button by button until I discovered these "unmentioned" settings.
    (3) Not only is the automatic update triggered by hidden settings that the Help section never mentions, the default is set to update every 3 hours. When the automatic update starts, it can run for a very long time and completely takes over many users' systems while it runs. The function launches without warning, and in version 7.0.462.000 there is no way to interrupt it or cancel it as there was in previous versions (you used to be able to right-click the program icon in the SysTray and cancel the update immediately). When this function launches every 3 hours by default, it isn't 3 hours from when it last finished, but 3 hours from when it last started - resulting in the effect of "running continuously," holding the users' systems hostage and rendering their machines virtually useless.
    ALL update function defaults should be set to Manual, and the update function should never launch in the first place until ALL settings are first configured by the user. This would ensure that they can update when it is convenient for them so their system isn't hijacked when they're in the middle of something... and how frequently they update should be THEIR choice.
    The ability to pause or cancel any running update via right-clicking the SysTray icon needs to be restored ASAP.
    (4) Previously, ZoneAlarm would retain the user's settings when performing program updates/upgrades (it specifically TELLS you it is retaining them!). However, the update to version 7.0.462.000 CHANGES the user's update settings back to the vendor's defaults without informing the user it is doing so - which is why I had to go through this aggravation all over again. The first time the update automatically launched after I updated to the latest version, it caught me by surprise because I had previously fixed the problem, not to mention that it launched when I was in the middle of something important and hijacked my machine.
    I have used ZoneAlarm ever since version 1.0 was released as a free-for-personal use firewall - I now have the Pro version with the Internet Security bundle. It's a wonderful program that I wouldn't ever want to be without, but I think that this "update won't stop running" issue is a HUGE problem that is turning away a lot of people who would otherwise love the program but give up on it because of this and end up uninstalling it.
    I hope and pray that someone at CheckPoint with the ability to correct these issues reads this...

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    Default Re: Won't stop running update


    1-2. It is by design: updates are divided between PRODUCT updates (7.0.337.000 --> 7.0.462.000 --> and signature updates. This is been designed like this since years. Overview will contain all information about the product and the other tabs the specific options for the different features in ZA, antivirus/antispyware tab, program control, privacy.

    Putting everything in one page does not make really much sense to me.

    3. I have no problem with updates. Are you running any other security tools apart from ZA. Is your system stable? Have you ever re-installed your OS? Have you tried to reset your ZA database? What you describe is not normal and should not happen.

    4. Again this is not normal and if the settings are not kept it means your ZA installation is corrupted. You should reset it. Please use the instant support for direction on how to do it properly or search this board. Procedure to reset ZA installation has been posted many times.


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    vicsam Guest

    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    I know that product updates and signature updates are two separate things. But they are BOTH updates and when a user sets their desired
    update schedule in Preferences, they expect that will cover ALL updates, especially when that is the only location for doing so
    mentioned in the Help section. There is no reason that the "Check for Updates" section in Preferences cannot include scheduling for program, anti-virus sig and anti-spyware sig updates all at one location. It would have prevented the problem that is the subject of this thread.
    So would restoring the ability to pause or cancel any running update (although I still think that the developers should implement both of these requests, not just one).
    I am running Windows XP Home Edition, and nowadays run no other security tools apart from ZA (not even the firewall included with XP). When
    I upgraded to ZAISS (version 6.0) from the ZA Pro firewall only, I uninstalled all other antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-adware programs since ZA did the job well and it would prevent possible future conflicts as well as
    saving time and resources. After uninstalling the other redundant applications, I made sure all traces of them were removed, got rid of all cache/temp/recycle bin/obsolete files, defragged the hard drive, and did a clean install of ZAISS v.6.
    I have the procedure for resetting the ZA database saved to a separate Help/Tips file I keep. I had previously seen it on the ZA Forum and immediately said "Ah... that's definitely a keeper."
    I should have mentioned that all of my other settings, such as permissions, etc. WERE saved in this last install (as far as I can tell). The only ones that were reset to the defaults were the update scheduling settings.
    I supposed I will need to go back to doing it the pain-in-the-butt/recommended way, which is to ALWAYS do a clean install rather than an update, and just be prepared to go back and reconfigure it to my specs each time if required.
    I have just
    reset the ZA database again today, to cover all bases.

    Your reply to my inbox
    was timestamped at 4:35am, and I see it shown here as 1:35am (so I'm EST and you're PST?). I mention that just
    to let you know that it does not go unrecognized that you're up at all hours trying to help people here. Much appreciated!

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