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Thread: Won't stop running update

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    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    Hi!if you have the latest ZA version you can simply reset this way:1.) Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys together
    2.) Right click on the ZA icon near your clock
    3.) Choose 'Reset' from the box that comes up
    4.) Choose Yes on the Reset Settings dialog box
    5.) When prompted, choose OK to restart your system
    6.) Follow the on screen configuration prompts after rebootBut please do not restore the settings from backup since you may end up in the same situation as before.Please also try to keep your ZASS on default, this will avoid further problems.Cheers,Fax

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    vicsam Guest

    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    There are some defaults that I simply CANNOT keep because they cause so much trouble (like the "updating every 3 hours" nightmare). I do try to keep as many as possible.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the new reset instructions for version 7.0.462.0. Much easier that having to boot into Safe Mode to do it. I have replaced the old instructions in my personal ZA
    Help file with your new ones.

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    xevius Guest

    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    NO IT WON'T!!!! dice..
    Here's one for you Zonelabs.....I've known about BOTH places for these options alREADY.
    I've alREADY perused the program, it's options, the manual, these forums, yada yada.
    This is a COLOSSAL <program feature> that needs to be addressed.
    In the middle of gaming, for instance, BLINK, right back to windows desktop, and what does the message say?

    Now....this is after I've set ALL PROGRAM OPTIONS.....I REPEAT....ALL PROGRAM MANUAL, and/or DO NOT UPDATE.
    From my tech-support day's at Microsoft Las, Colinas, I remember the way these ON/OFF toggle options, could get *&()#&% 'd up.
    Essentially, when an ON/OFF option was set to ON (or OFF), (whichever the user chose), the program would not re-initialize the variable or what the *() R% else the programmer used to store ON/OFF information:....i.e, a text file, and info file, a binary file, a nail file, etc.....
    Often (not alway's) but often, one could aleviate this by choosing the OPPOSITE option, or...the one that he/she did NOT want to choose.
    Do you follow me?
    (trying to eliminate stupid replies, like ...'did you make sure all the update options were set to manual??).
    After re-starting the program, the user would then change the option to what he/she WANTED it to be in the first place.
    THEN, (often, not alway's), it WORKED!!!
    This 'work-around', if it WORKS is a sign of two things.
    LAME &*() &() programming., and 2) LAME &*(#)%*&amp( PROGRAM-ENGINE UPDATES.
    SPEAKING OF, I can't remember WHEN the last time I was able (or was told to) update the Z.A. ENGINE.
    Hmmm ?????
    Trust me, I know what I'm doing.
    This auto-update from **bleep**, is a MAJOR, MAJOR turnoff.
    I WILL trash this program, and tell everyone and their grandma not to buy it, unless it is FIXED.
    I have 6 months left on my license as well, so I'm in no hurry.
    So FAR, the only way I've found to prevent this AUTO-UPDATE from popping up, (again, after choosing MANUAL-UPDATE, and/or NO UPDATE everywhere and anywhere in the prog/interface!!), is to TURN OFF ANTI-VIRUS, and TURN-OFF ANTI-SPAM!!!!
    Sound crazy?
    If you're familiar with Z.A., and most other A.V. security suites, there is an ******* ON
    DEMAND ***** Virus/Spam scanning option.
    (You know, the one that makes your system run about 40% slower, by checking IN REAL-TIME, EVERY single file in & out of the pipe.)
    If you've got the latest Alienware screamer, GO AHEAD!!
    Turn it on.
    Otherwise, leave it off, and the ONLY time it will scan is when you RUN A VIRUS/SPAM scan.
    Therefore, if this option is OFF, and you've turned OFF ANTI-VIRUS & ANTI-SPAM, (essentially the a/v engine itself.)
    the update popups do NOT occur.
    (and I can happily frag everyone without being interrupted by .....Z/A NEEDS TO CHECK FOR U*()&(#$)%& UPDATES....messages.
    Sorry this is so verbose, but I wanted to be sure everyone understood what I'm talking about.
    If you have a reply/issue/response, PLEASE, be sure that you've read this post carefully....and perhaps.....slowly??
    Thanks to you other Z.A. users out there who suffer from this or similar issues...and NO THANKS to CHECKPOINT.
    You're call-center out-sourcing expenditures would likely be MUCH less, if you would give your developers a good kick in the &*#()&%%) .....

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    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    what you describe is indeed not normal and should not happen and does not happen on three install I have here.

    If you have not done it yet, I would recommend a full uninstall of ZA using the clean and rmlicense switches.

    See here:ttp://
    Keep note of your license and remember to remove the folders specified at the end of the document.
    Do not restore any previous ZA backups.

    Also double check you don't have installed other security tools even if disabled. I have seen this as the most common cause of ZA mulfactions. ZASS 7 is very sensitive to many security tools. Once you know that ZA is working as it should you could install back them. But taking note of a golden rule: never run 2 antivirus or 2 firewall at the same time.

    Double check you are on the latest version: 7.0.462.000, if not download it here:

    Clean your system from clutter:

    Use GAME MODE when playing games, this should avoid all unwelcome pop-ups.

    Use space when writing messages. It is very difficult to read and understand.
    Also add the information of your system and the version of ZA you are using.

    Hope this helps


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    xevius Guest

    Default Re: Won't stop running update



    Well, I'm sorry for being rude/obnoxious previously first-of-all!!
    I am very impressed with the quickness and degree of info you provided, by the way!
    I 'alway's' use GAME MODE
    when on-line/gaming.
    As for a re-install, well I'll consider it, but I DID notice that my version was 7.0.337.000.
    Perhaps that will be of some benefit for your support team.

    I'll try downloading/updating as you suggested, but (without having researched this at all;\) it would seem that an 'engine' update would be part of the anti-virus/anti-spam update?
    However, I do understand that they are different beasts, so to
    speak, and a version update should be separate from the a/v a/s pattern-file update.
    (I think that's the right lingo!).

    One other thing, that is not exactly related ****
    Is it just me, or do 'other' users have to wait 7-8 minutes for my system to -re-awaken-from-seemingly-being-locked-up- after I 'enable' my d.s.l. connection??
    The connection is pure, (no proprietary connection-manager's or such), using built-in (Windows 2000 Professional, SP4) sockets/bindings, whatever.
    It just seems to take WAY too long, but once everything is loaded and running the system 'comes-alive' again, and runs normally.
    : Now, you work hard, so do I.....and I've been t-shooting this in-betwixt the notorious Nod32 Service (nod64.exe); virus/bot..........GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
    .....anyway, thank you so much for your prompt, and very helpful trouble-shooting suggestions!!!

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    Default Re: Won't stop running update

    <blockquote><hr>Xevius wrote:
    GURU: Perhaps that will be of some benefit for your support team. ...Xevius

    You're welcome!
    By the way, please note that ZA staff does not monitor this forum. We are all users here trying to help each other.
    To contact ZA technical support you need to write to:


    Click here for ZA Support
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    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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