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Thread: Expert rules to block VPN 'leaks' while re-dialing

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    naughtybutnice Guest

    Default Expert rules to block VPN 'leaks' while re-dialing

    I use a anonymizer service that gives me access via a VPN. However, because I use Microsoft's built in XP VPN client, every time the VPN connection is lost all my connections are sent directly over the Internet.

    I've been trying to set up some expert rules (preferably firewall rules, but program rules would suffice) to block these insecure Intenet connections while the VPN client is re-connecting. I put my VPN into the Trusted zone and then set up the following 3 firewall expert rules:

    1) Allow connections from the Trusted zone to the Internet zone.
    2) Allow access from My computer to the Trusted zone.
    3) Block any other connections.

    These rules appeared to work perfectly for the past few months. When the VPN was connected, all programs could connect to the Intenet. When the VPN disconnected, all these programs were blocked until the VPN was re-connected.

    Unfortunately I've found that in the past week or so the rules no longer work. When I apply the blocking rule, all connections stop and shortly thereafter the VPN connection goes down and is unable to reconnect.

    Does anyone have any ideas ? Do my expert rules sound sane, or have I missed something ?


    P.S. I've verified that the VPN IP address hasn't changed + enabled the 'Allow VPN protocols' option + experimented with putting the loopback address into the Trusted zone.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    naughtybutnice Guest

    Default Fixed problem, but unsure about Trusted zone security

    I've done a clean re-installed and this has fixed the problem. My expert rules are now working perfectly.

    However, after reading about zones and the various security settings, I am now unsure about my current security setup. I've changed the VPN entry from 'Internet' to 'Trusted' in the 'zones' tab of the firewall and increased the trusted zone security settings to 'high'. Have I compromised my security by putting this VPN into the trusted zone ?

    Thanks to any gurus who can answer this one.

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