I have been reading the forum postings, and am sure my problem is something to do with Privacy settings but can't figure out how to fix it!
Using ZoneAlarm Security Suite on my networked laptop plus it is also installed on the laptop of a computer illiterate friend who expects me to solve his problems

Keeping a desktop machine running with Norton installed (although I really want to get rid of it, I already have the licence to put ZA on it) because it can "see" things on web pages that
the ZoneAlarm machines can't!
All machines running XP Pro and using the same version of IE6.
Today my friend couldn't see a page button that he had been told to go to - I confirmed same result on my laptop and then found the button on the desktop machine.
Two days ago there was a table containing links to document downloads on a major corporate site - just not there on laptop but got to it on desktop.
Not so long ago it was impossible to
logon to a secure access page - this time the logon just wouldn't work on laptop (no error messages) but OK on desktop.
Oh yes, have confirmed it is something to do with ZA by shutting it down, doing a quick check to confirm can now see the missing item, and then restarting ZA.
On checking the Privacy settings it seems that a clue may be that the pages causing the problems seem to have been automatically added to the Privacy Site List on first access (deleted entry and re-accessed and there it was again!).
But then it is necessary to mess around with the options to find out the solution.
With the missing Page Button ZA is obviously seeing it as an Ad to block because turning on show a box with the word "[AD]" option at least shows where it should be.
I guess my main question is- Is there some way of setting ZA up so that it will flag up if there is anything it is hiding on a page?
And/or knowing when - and why, is this asking too much - it is adding a web site to the Privacy Site Listing.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5