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Thread: ZA blocks all traffic after a few hours

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    jackk Guest

    Default ZA blocks all traffic after a few hours

    I am facing a strange problem. ZA will function fine direct after start of my computer. I can use all programs that I have allowed to access the internet. However, after about 6 to 9 hours, there is a change. No program is allowed to acces the internet and the only way to get this solved is either shutting down ZA (after this all internet traffic is OK) or to reboot the computer. This change has occurred some weeks ago. My antivirus softaware shows no infection.
    I have deinstalled ZA and reinstalled the most recent version, but the behaviour has not changed. I use the free download version. Anyone got an idea what might be the cause? (and treatment?)
    thanks in advance. Jack

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: ZA blocks all traffic after a few hours

    Hi jackk
    Add the ip's of the DHCP and DNS servers to trusted zone of ZA .Follow this instructions
    Also ensure that GHPWin32 (svchost.exe) has the right permissions,full access in both trusted and internet and server rights but only in trusted zone (three green ticks and a red cross below server internet).
    Best regards

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