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Thread: mailto link blocked by zone alarm

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    metafisik Guest

    Default mailto link blocked by zone alarm

    Recently I noticed that outlook express no longer responds to mailto links on webpages. Although it works fine otherwise. When I checked the zone alarm log

    I found the following message;

    OSFW,2006/09/07,21:02:30 -4:00 GMT,BLOCKED,Internet Explorer,C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE,PROCESS,SPAWNPROCESS,SRC,C:\ PROGRAM FILES\OUTLOOK EXPRESS\msimn.exe,5241cce0-aa05c201-248ea4e1-c0f9c693,5-6df0b7e0-0df358fd-2a268c1a

    My Win2k system reports this as "not being installed properly"

    zone alarm is blocking the link. When I shut zone alarm down the mailto link works fine. Nothing I have done so far in changing the firewall parameters has made it work. I went through a number of the suggestions on the support page that seemed to match this problem, also nothing.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    ritual Guest

    Default Re: mailto link blocked by zone alarm

    I am having the same problem using ZA Pro 6.5 and XP SP2.
    Also I cannot launch Frontpage when I click on Edit with Frontpage from Internet Explorer 7
    It was working fine with IE6. However I am unsure if the problem started with IE7 (installed two days ago)
    or after a ZA autimatic update has been performed

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    metafisik Guest

    Default Re: mailto link blocked by zone alarm


    did u check the ZA_log in the windows dir internet logs ? If you have the same sort of error message that I have this thing shouldn't be so hard to fix. But there is no technical support anymore from ZA via email so who knows.
    regards, metafisik

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    ritual Guest

    Default Re: mailto link blocked by zone alarm

    could you contact me at


    adinet . com
    . uy
    maybe we could solve the problems if we contact each other directly.

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