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Thread: Problem with the Automatic Internet Lock Feature on latest ZA Update ver. 6.5.737.0

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    azkid Guest

    Default Problem with the Automatic Internet Lock Feature on latest ZA Update ver. 6.5.737.0

    Hi Everyone
    I am having a problem with my Automatic Interlock feature. I originally turned in on
    the ZA Program control menu, but decided I didn't need it because I am hardly ever away from my PC when I am online. So I went back and turned if off. However now I am seeing a Icon of a yellow lock on my taskbar everytime
    I start up my PC. When I right click on it there is a checkmark that indicated the Auto Interlock is ENGAGED! I
    then always uncheck
    it and the Icon
    disappears.I don't understand why the Icon appears in the first place since
    the Auto Interlock feature is disabled at the Program Control Menu ??? Is this normal or a glitch in the ZA program?
    I appreciate your help

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    azkid Guest

    Default Re:Additional Info -- I Need HELP

    I am also having problems with accessing my incoming email using Earthlinks Total Access 2005 software. This all just started a few days ago . The Earthlink techie told me that ZA is blocking my email port (110) and told me to disable ZA after running me through a msconfig procedure. I am reluctant to do this because the Earthlink Techie told me to disable all of the start
    relating tp port 110 of which there were about I am
    guessing 25 + entries. Is there anyway I can check ZA to see if it is really blocking
    port 110? I am new at this and kinda confused. I wish I had more info but the tech was running me thru thees commands and I was just folllowing his instructions
    Any help would be greatly appreciated .

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