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Thread: Wireless network file sharing

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    I have set up a wireless network between my desktop machine to which is cable connected to a Belkin Wireless Modem Router, and my laptop which has a Belkin Wireless USB adapter.
    Both computers can access the internet via the router.
    On the desktop I set the address of the network adapter to which the router is connected in to the trusted zone in Zonealarm, and that enabled file sharing.
    I then installed the latest version of Zonealrm on the laptop, and cannot find how to enable file sharing.
    I can only do so by turning off Zonealarm on the laptop, otherwise if I click on the shared files shown in "My Network Places" I get the message telling me they are not accessible.
    How do I configure Zonealarm to allow file sharing?.
    PS. As a yachtsman my login should have been Lost-at-Sea, but the T got lost!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    The ZAFree does not favor ICS. However make sure the other PC's LAN address is included in the Zones of the Firewall of the ZA Free. Please make sure the Trusted Security Zone and the Internet security Zones are set at Medium instead of High. This may work, but no guarantees. The other choices are to purchase the ZA Paid or just change to another software firewall.

    Best regards.

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