I have been using the free version for many years. with the dialup connection. Which by the way still works fine. I am unable to use the 128 connection with the free zonealarm. I have tried a clean reinstall but it has not worked. When I shut down the zonealarm the webpages load in.
Please be elementary with your suggestions as I donot understand all that router business.The internet company tells me I donot need a firewall that I am behind theirs.I am not sure that would help in the case of any viruses. trojans, keyloggers. I do have avg, spybot, spyblaster,x-cleaner running. They seem to all play nicely together. But for some reason Zonealarm seems to have developed an attitude. Thanks J.C.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.5