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    I have the free version and when I used it, at first, it wouldn't let me get to my service provider even.
    Box would come up...allow...but when I pushed it nothing would happen.
    I went to program control and put check marks by either internet explorer and msn (can't remember)and then it worked.
    But I am still confused by program control...don't understand the theory of it so I don't know which applications to put a check by and which ones not to.
    What programs do you want to have access and what programs don't you want to have access.
    I guess I need help on understanding basic firewall theory.
    Also hear there is an automatic setting but don't know where it is.
    first time having firewall software.
    Don't even understand when I should allow something and when I shouldn't!
    Not good at understanding help menu, christina

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    I have the premium version so I am not sure how you are set up exactly but I can tell you that in general all firewall programs simply monitor and filter communications between your computer and the outside world. Any program running on your computer that needs to access the internet must be given permission to do so by your firewall. Any computer on the internet or your local =trusted( home or business) network wanting to communicate with your computer must get permission to do so. The zonealarm program simply asks you to allow or deny internet access to programs. To allow your firewall to automatically decide access for your programs open up the firewall configuration window and click on Program Control> Main. On this tab should be a Smart Defence Advisor area. Make sure it is set to Automatic. If you don't have this functionality in the free firewall you would have to upgrade to the premium Zonealarm Pro version to get it.On the Program Control>Programs tab you can manually set access rights.You have two working security zones to deal with. The internet zone and the trusted zone. The trusted zone is for any computers on your local network that share files and printers. It is for allowing local interactions. The Internet Zone is every other computer on the internet in the world and is therefore the more dangerous of the two Zones because this is where the bad folks live. That is why your Internet zone should be set to High security level.An important program process that needs trusted zone access is the Generic Host Process. It helps with your browser programs and local network and therefore should have access to both the trusted and internet zones. It is probably the only program that also should have Server rights for the trusted zone. Server rights allow a program to listen out for other computers and interact with them when they get a message from them. Remember to give it server rights only for the trusted and not the internet zone.The rest is not too profound. You know your browser, antivirus, music media player, and any other program that you run that periodically needs to access the internet should have trusted and internet
    access rights.I have tried to keep this very basic so there are probably exceptions to the things I have said but this should help you understand the basic concepts behind configuring your firewall.

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