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Thread: Only ONE page I am trying to load will not load thru my browser ...

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    kristina Guest

    Default Only ONE page I am trying to load will not load thru my browser ...

    I am able to access every single website out there (Secured [i.e. banking site] and non-secure
    However, I am trying to view a website, and only their top banner appears and nothing else loads.
    Their sister site (designed the same way) loads and that is
    The Grille-Tech website has the source code their, but nothing else besides that top banner is loading and the rest of the page is all black for me.
    I was able to view it about 2 days ago because I was going to order something but now that I'm ready to order, it's not loading.
    I haven't done or touched anything on my computer to screw anything up so I'm really at a loss here.
    I have cleared my cache and temp files to try and fix the problem, but no success.

    I am running Windows XP and use MSN as my ISP (I use their Browser), and also Internet Explorer.
    Both MSN and IE are working the same for me and this page is simply now working.
    I got my friend to try loading it from there home and it worked fine for them, so it's obviously something on my end...
    Can anyone help?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Only ONE page I am trying to load will not load thru my browser ...

    Hi Kristina
    I loaded the page you mention with no problems.You don't say what ZA version you use and that is important because it can be due to some conflict between the privacy features of ZA and that page. If and I insist if you use a version different from ZA free, a paid version like ZAPro, or ZASS with privacy features, then try going to tab privacy, main and disable all the main privacy features,cookie control,ad blocking and mobile code control turn them all off. Than clean your browser cache and load the site.
    Best regards

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    kristina Guest

    Default Re: Only ONE page I am trying to load will not load thru my browser ...

    Hi there:
    Thanks for the reply.
    But ... you are going a little over my head here.
    Isn't there a way I can just adjust something on my browser settings?
    I don't know what this ZA thing is you are mentioning (excuse my ignorance).
    Anyway, do you know what out of the blue this could be caused?
    I mean, I never touched anything in my settings that could have caused this.

    Anyway any further insight would be much appreciated.

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Only ONE page I am trying to load will not load thru my browser ...

    Hi KristinaI must admit that I'm a little bit puzzled with your answer, but never mind and sorry for asking you this. Do you use Zone Alarm firewall in your computer? I ask this as,I quote "I don't know what this ZA thing you are mentioning....".ZA is how we normally call Zone Alarm and as this is a Zone Alarm forum, my answer was trying to guess what version of Zone Alarm you used and if it was not the free version to assume some interference of the privacy features that the paid versions of Zoone Alarm sometimes has with the site you have difficulties to load.So, what can I tell you now: if you have Zone Alarm in your computer, in the main screen (overview)open the tab 'product info' and write here what version it is.If you don't have Zone Alarm the advice I may give to you is go to Internet Explorer and in tools Internetoptions open the page security and click over trusted sites.Then clik over sites and add the address of the site you try to load as trusted. Than again in tools internet options but page general click over 'clean temporary internet files' and click over 'clean history'. After try to load the site and see if it works. If you have Zone Alarm post back giving the indications I asked and I'll give you detailed instructions.Best regards

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