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Thread: MSN Access Issue

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    jayjaytks Guest

    Default MSN Access Issue


    Since I updated Zone Alarm Security Suite, I haven't been able to fully use MSN Messenger.

    It is definatley Zone Alarm that is the problem (when I shut it down, MSN worked fine).

    The problem is, I cannot see display pictures (it just shows the default msn logo), I cannot send files, or connect to webcam/games.

    As I said, it's 100% definatley Zone Alarm Security Suite, I just don't know how to alter it to get MSN working again.

    Thanks in advance for any help, J.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    teme Guest

    Default Re: MSN Access Issue

    Hi! I got JUST the same problem with Live Messenger! It loads custom images just fine when I shutdown ZA. But where could the broblem be? I have the IM security turned off but still it's blocking messenger.

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    jayjaytks Guest

    Default Re: MSN Access Issue

    SlyFox - it's not a site, it's the actual messenger causing problems.

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    camcron Guest

    Default Re: MSN Access Issue

    The same issue is affecting my msn aswell. The display pictures are not showing up at all, unless i shut down Zone Alarm which is asking for a disastor.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Zone Alarm Suite 6.5.722 and MSN Messenger 7.5 without any success.

    Here is a thead i found from searching the web that discusses the same issues ( Users there have downgraded to an earlier version which is obviously more vulnerable to threats, or abandoned Zone Alarm for a competitors product.

    It is probably assumed that Zone Labs is currently working on this problem as it is affecting many users. If the problem is not resolved within the next few days, like other users, I will have to switch to a competitors product. This is a good reason why to only pay for annual subscriptions for internet security software.

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    bruxomor Guest

    Default Re: MSN Access Issue

    Same problem here. After upgrading ZA Security Suite to version 6.5.722 I cannot login to MSN Messenger. Tried with MSN Messenger 7.5, MSN Live Messenger 8.0 and Windows Messenger without sucess (both with IM Security ON and OFF). As far as I can see the Messenger sends several packets to the Internet but no reply comes in and after a few retries it gives the error code 81000306 (MSN Live Messenger 8.0). Worst of all is the fact that when I try to login for the 2th time the OS freezes and the only way to recover is by reseting the PC. When I shutdown ZA the messenger works flawlessly. I completly removed ZA from the system and did a fresh installation but the problem remains.Please HELP!Intel P4 @ 3.0 GHz with 1 GB RAMWindows XP/SP2 (up to date)ZA Security Suite 6.5.722 (up to date)Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792.00

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    Default Re: MSN Access Issue


    The following may or may not solve your problem, but we can try.

    ZoneAlarm Pro and ZoneAlarm Security Suite

    Start ZoneAlarm, click "Program Control" in the left navigation list, and then click the "Programs" tab on the right.

    If Msnmsgr.exe is already on the list, delete it by right-clicking on "MSN Messenger", in the "Programs" list and then click "Remove".

    Add MSN Messenger to the list:

    Click "Add"

    Click "Browse", locate the C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger folder, and then double-click the Msnmsgr file to add the latest version of Msnmsgr.exe to the "Programs" list. Note The computer settings determine whether the file name is followed by the extension ".exe."

    After you add Msnmsgr.exe to the "Programs" list, click the Access and Server entries for MSN Messenger, and then click Allow.

    PLEASE keep me posted on your results, Thanks.


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    floplot Guest

    Default Re: MSN Access Issue


    I just tried what you suggested with ZA Pro and the pic still doesn't show up, just the MSN logo picture. I have the new Windows Live Messenger 8.0. I think it came out just about the same time as the latest version of ZA Pro did. Part of the problem I think is that the files for the picture I believe some how get to windows temp folder. I think if you clean out your temp folder, the pics disappear also. Not sure about this though. I am not a computer expert, far from it.

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    bruxomor Guest

    Default Re: MSN Access Issue

    Hi SLYFOX!

    I had already tried the workaround that you suggest, it worked in several situations I had in the past, but unfortunately it is not working now - the problem persists as stated in my original post. After browsing this forum it seems to me that ZoneLabs really "broke" ZA with it's latest 6.5.722 version. I have 2 other PCs at home that have ZA Security Suite installed, I'm using 3 different licenses, and after this last update the situation is the following:
    - PC 1, the reported problem with MSN Messenger.
    - PC 2, shuts down the True Vector service everytime the program tries to do the automatic update (in the update window it gives an error when trying to download the anti-virus definitions saying that it cannot resolve the server name).
    - PC 3, no problem.
    I'll be trying a "clean" install on PC 1 and PC 2 this next week to try to solve the problems and will post the outcome in this forum.

    Thank You for your help.

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    edwardliaonz Guest

    Default MSN Access Issue + perceived permanent problems

    I've tried EVERYTHING... this was my last hope but it didn't work out.. my MSN (7.5)doesn't just get bogus when ZA 6.5 is on, but it's equally bogus with it OFF!! (deleted from OS I tell ya..)won't log in under any circumstances suggested (found in the whole of this entire ZA forum) & the "login email list" (a convenient feature of MSN)disappeared(maybe it's cause MSN can't get feedback from .NET server).. lags whenever I try to type something in the login email textbox.. I think ZA is blocking .NET packages, cause I can't log in through Windows Messenger either.I have squeezed this forum dry for 3hoursto find no solution.. I totally regret pressing the "update" button...... I can'tlogin tomy email accountsfrom my computer (not just hotmail.. how sweet..) disregarding the running status of ZA as well.I'll surrender to sleepiness now.I hope there is someone out there who knows what has happened to my computer, 'cause the problems caused seem to have been more serious than most I've seen in this forum. ( apologize for complaining so much. I'll stop now.)

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free) & pro trial
    Software Version:6.5

    Message Edited by edwardliaonz on 07-23-2006 04:58 AM

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    bruxomor Guest

    Default Re: MSN Access Issue

    Hi SLYFOX!Follow up to my messages (#26406 of 06-29-2006) and (#26563 of 07-09-2006) regarding problems with ZA Security Suite version 6.5.722 and Windows Messenger.START QUOTE
    "- PC 1, the reported problem with MSN Messenger.
    - PC 2, shuts down the True Vector service everytime the program tries to do the automatic update (in the update window it gives an error when trying to download the anti-virus definitions saying that it cannot resolve the server name).
    - PC 3, no problem."
    END QUOTEI finaly had time to do a "clean" install on PC 1 and PC 2 and the situation is:- PC 1, still has the same reported problem with Windows Live Messenger.
    - PC 2, problem solved.
    - PC 3, is now running Windows Vista Beta 5472 without ZA Security Suite.What I did on both PC 1 and 2 was a "clean" uninstal of ZA Security Suite following instructions on this forums, namely:1. Running "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninst.exe" with the "/clean" switch.
    2. Re-starting the PC.
    3. Deleting "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs" folder and subfolders.
    4. Deleting "C:\Windows\Internet Logs" folder.
    5. Deleting "C:\Windows\System32\Zone Labs" folder.
    6. Deleting all files in "C:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\Local Settings\Temp" folder (the Temporary folder for my user).
    7. Deleting all files in "C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch" folder.
    8. Emptying the "Recycle Bin" folder.
    9. Re-starting the PC.
    10. Installing ZA Security Suite 6.5.722 again.
    11. Re-starting the PC.
    12. Started the "Windows Live Messenger" program (verifying that the correct permissions were added by ZA and that it shows up as ACTIVE).
    NOTE: I left the Windows registry alone, i.e. didn't delete or edit any keys.What happens next is:A. When I try to login in Windows Live Messenger(WLM) I can see, monitoring my Internet connection, that several packets are sent to the Internet but none is received and after a few minutes I receive an error from WLM saying that it cannot connect to the server. It's as if the firewall is blocking the incoming connections but there is no entry to that effect in ZA logs. After this the Windows XP/SP2 OS freezes without any message, no response to keyboard or mouse inputs, and I have to re-start it.
    B. If I "Shutdown" ZA Security Suite the WLM program functions flawlessly.
    C. If I remove the WLM program from the Programs in the Program Control section of ZA and start WLM again the correct permissions are added by ZA but the problem remains (see A.).
    D. I'm not aware of any other problems with ZA Security Suite on my PC. I have tons of programs installed, play games on the Internet often, download and upload a lot of stuff using several comm. protocols (HTTP,TCP,UDP...), etc...Thank You again for your HELP.

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