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Thread: Wireless and Wired Connection broken

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    Default Wireless and Wired Connection broken

    My friend has
    a laptop
    (W2K) with wireless connection
    that he had been using on his Comcast router for months without a problem.
    It is using a Linksys wireless adapter.
    He also has a Desktop PC (XP home) using the network through a wired connection to the router.
    He took his laptop to work and connected to the network at work and all was well.
    When he returned home, the laptop could not see the Internet on his home network.
    It had the association with the router but was not getting an IP address.
    We connected it to the router using a Cat5 cable and still, no Internet.
    I noticed his desktop pc was running Zone Alarm (free version I think).
    am not familiar with ZoneAlarm.
    Zone Alarm
    stopping his laptop from getting an IP address even though
    Zone Alarm is running on the Desktop?
    I shutdown ZoneAlarm on the desktop and then about 15 minutes later,
    the wired and wireless both were able to see the Internet.
    I'm afraid if he takes his laptop somewhere else and then returns it to his home network the same problem will happen again.
    What can he do to
    remedy this?

    Thank you.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    Default Re: Wireless and Wired Connection broken

    It could depend on if each one of the networks is using a different IP subnet. If they are then he needs to add both subnets to the trusted zone, then the problem should go away.
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