I have 3 computers 2 hardwired to a router 1 wireless, a
printer is connected to a
Windows 2000 Server
to act as a print server for the other 2 computers. All three computers have za.pro on them with identical settings. When I disable ZA there's no issue with printing at all. The LAN is listed as being a trusted zone and the printsvr has the proper rights.The wireless computer (Windows XP) has no delay in connecting to the printer and printing. The server 2000 computer (that the printer is connected directly to) has no delay in printing. The 2000 professional takes about 5 minutes to connect to the printer. When I move the printer physically to the 2000 professional box the server then takes about 5 minutes to connect and print. The wireless laptop has no trouble printing to either set up.

Both 2000 machines have sp4 installed.

Any suggestion would be helpful
All machines are able to access files remotely failry decently

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro