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Thread: Network magic and configuration of ZA Pro

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    tadorian Guest

    Default Network magic and configuration of ZA Pro

    Taking advantage of the network magic offering I went ahead and bought the software.

    And while I think it looks great, I do have one concern. It does tell me that in order to share the files and printers I have to put the "internet" zone to trusted.
    I guess I don't like the sound of that. Does anyone know if is safe or not?
    I'm sure this comes across as a complete "noob" question, but its something that had me worried so I hope someone with more insight than me can answer.

    Oh - and if this was not the right forum, please forgive me. It was the closest I could find for the question.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Network magic and configuration of ZA Pro

    I assume you're talking about the Program Control in Zone Alarm Pro ? If so, it is fine to grant 'access' to both the Trusted zone and Internet zone. Indeed some programs require "server" rights in the Trusted zone to function properly...Generic Host Process For Win32 Services is an example. Unless it is necessary to work, I would not grant 'server' rights to the Internet zone.

    When I checked the Network magic website, the FAQ said you needed to grant 'server' rights in the Internet zone. I've never used this application but it appears it is required. However, rather than granting the rights and checking the 'remember this' box, I'd just grant the rights when using the program and make it ask every time.

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    onclejean Guest

    Default Re: Network magic and configuration of ZA Pro

    I do not think he is talking about program Control but about the Firewall settings.I do not know NetWork Magic but is it is a router with its own security settings then indeed he has to put the router wireless network as trusted, for any computer on the network that is to have its files accessed.

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