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Thread: What is & why does it keep trying to access?

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    Default What is & why does it keep trying to access?

    A ZA alert window comes up saying has been blocked. I click ok and within seconds it reappears. I left it open and the alerts steadily total up (333 and counting).My ISP is Comcast and I'm running WIN98SE.
    I have two other computers, one also WIN98SE and the other WINXP. Neither of these seem to be getting this alert even though they have ZA.We're on a router and the computer with the alert problem is I guess the "main" computer.I searched for and didn't understand any of the many results. It seemed that this number is possibly associated with Comcast, but I'm not sure.Should I allow it
    access?If so, how do I do it.I'm totally clueless re: computer-ese, tweaking, etc.Thanks ahead!

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    Default Re: What is & why does it keep trying to access?

    Is Comcast your ISP?

    Best regards.

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