Webshots recently launched video (I think using Adobe Flash). However, videos do not play using Zone Alarm Security Suite ... but will play on my other computer that uses the free version. Thus, I suspect it is some setting in the Suite. The ZA icon in the systray shows that I'm receiving packets, but the video doesn't play. I get no error messages or log entries to help me diagnose it on my own. Webshots' FAQs only talk about uploading videos, not playing them. Adobe's FAQs don't mention Webshots (probably because the launch is so recent ... 17 Nov 2006).
You can see several video examples on their blog (blog.webshots.com) if you need to test this capability.
Thanks in advance,Roger (villagefox)
WinXP Media Center SP2Zone Alarm Security Suite 6.5.737.000

Operating System:Windows XP Pro x64
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5