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    dwfii Guest

    Default confirmed problem

    I have two issues that I cannot seem to figure out. local library uses an Internet website/software that allows a patron to log in and renew checked out books, search for titles and put a hold on them, etc..

    When ZA is resident I can log in but I cannot renew books...possibly I cannot do a number of other functions as well but renewing a book is the main thing at this point. When I shut down ZA, I can renew just fine. I have every option in the Privacy window, from cookies to mobile code enabled for this checks straight across.

    There must be some way I can enable this site to function normally.

    Second problem...and a little weird...I have the latest version of Opera. When I visit a discussion forum that I administer, I see that only some of the photos posted there load. this does not happen with Mozilla or IE6. If I shut down ZA and go back to that very same page/thread, all the photos will load.

    Again, I don't know where in the configuration I can go to change things to make Opera work correctly. BTW i have tested this on some other discussion forums...some seem to work fine, some do not. And it appears to only happen in Opera.

    If no one here can help me with this problem can someone tell me how to get techsupport for ZA--from a real person?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    critterjoe Guest

    Default Re: confirmed problem

    Both of these problems do sound like privacy setting problems. You are on the right track with the first problem, but didn't go far enough. You say you selected that library website and put green checkmarks all the way across. While this may work for some websites, others need more individual refinement. Go to the same privacy site list in your ZA Control Panel and Right-click on the website in question. Select "options". You will see a pop-up with 3 tabs (cookies, ad-blocking, and mobile code). Even though you have placed green checkmarks, you will note that only some of the choices have been cleared in those tab options; under "ad-blocking" tab for instance most items will likely still be checked. Look through each tab and uncheck any remaining options, and be sure all 3 tabs are completely blank. That will completely clear all privacy controls for that website while leaving all the other websites under the main privacy global options unchanged. You may or may not have to uncheck "web bugs" and "private headers". I at least try to leave "web bugs" checked where possible. You'll just have to experiment a bit. Once you get it working, you can gradually add more controls back in until you arrive at the minimum setting that will allow functionality.

    As for your website that won't display all the images. This is probably the same problem and can also be further customized in the same fashion as above. Right click and be sure all checkboxes are cleared under each of the 3 tabs in the popup box. If all the images still don't display, you need to try to see if those images are being served from a different website address, then you'll need to also configure privacy settings on that second web address, too.

    That will customize the websites for future visits. If you want to quickly view items that aren't displaying on any website temporarily, rather than customizing the one website, you can go to the Main tab of the privacy controls and slide all 3 controls (cookies, ad-blocking, mobile code) down to OFF. You'll need to slide them all back to their original position (High in my case) once you finish with the website, or these global settings will affect all future websites. Since you visit the two websites periodically, the first method above will keep the individual settings if you wish.

    You can disable privacy completely from a browser program, although it lowers your security. It would be best if you could solve your problem just by customizing the website in question. But if you wanted to remove all privacy from your browser, you can go to Program Control then to the program list, find your browser program in the list, Right-click it, and select "options." If there is a red checkmark under "enable privacy for this program" you could remove it. ZA enables privacy for all standard browser programs as a default. Again, I don't recommend making such a global change, since it lowers your security as you surf from site to site; you won't be protected from malicious mobile code, unwanted ads that might take you to malicious sites, etc.

    Good luck.

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    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1

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    dwfii Guest

    Default Re: confirmed problem

    Thank you for taking the time to answer.

    I had already done as you suggested. In the case of the library all options were/are disabled...every one. All three browsers--Opera, Mozilla, and IE7 cannot renew books unless I exit ZA. In the case of the discussion forum, the same is true but again the only problem is with Opera.

    I have to say, that if I have to disable privacy for my browsers...or exit ZA order to access functions, see webpages correctly and/or use the browser the way it was intended to be used, then ZA is not playing well with legitimate software and ought to be rewritten or have some sort of easy workaround. These are not fly-by-night programs, they are the industry leaders. And ZA is crippling them...that's simply not acceptable.

    I am hoping (with some help from the kind folks on this board) that I can resolve this and keep ZA. But again, it is not acceptable that I should have to cripple ZA or cripple my browsers...not for the money I paid.

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    dwfii Guest

    Default Re: confirmed problem

    I have been the route with ZA techsupport...uninstalling and reinstalling; uninstalling manually from Safe Mode, reinstalling etc., and nothing helps this problem.

    Unless I disable the Privacy filter in Program Controls for Mozilla and Opera and (presumably IE7) I cannot renew a book at my local library site. I beleive this will apply to all sites that require secure input. And unles I disable the Privacy filter for Opera (the latrest edition) some websites do not fully load and display all imamges--from icons to smilies to photos.

    I am at at loss here...I think it is unacceptable that I must cripple the very security features ZA promises to address in order to browse the Internet with market leader software.

    My system does not have any "special features" and I keep a clean system...that's part of what ZA and BitDefender are supposed to do. That Zone Alarm won't work in the way it is advertised to work; and that others on this board are also having to mdisable the privacy filter, tells me there is a problem with ZA.

    I bought I am disappointed...I know that it is common practice among some, but software that has not been fully tested should not be released or sold.

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