For no known reason, I cannot load any internet page without disabling Zonealarm Pro 6.5.
I"ve had the program for almost a year (license expires now in 23 days.
Not a good way to say we'd like you to renew).
I'm running WinXP SPII.
I run Webroot Spysweeper and Trend Micro Anti-Virus simultaneously.
Zonealarm was the culprit.
I go to the Overview Tab of Zonealarm and see the lock unlocked and 3 programs running: IE; TMproxy.exe; and Generic Host Processes for Win 32 services.
I've looked through some of the other threads on this site and have run the cmd command to get the DHCP and DNS IP settings.
Typed them in and labeled them as trusted in the Firewall Zone.
I also have (always has been there, too) New Network which lists an IP address and a site address, also in the trusted zone; and then loopback adapter, again in the trusted zone.
I've gone through program control and all but approved everything that has an X, and noted in one of the other threads about Generic Host processes, so that has been totally given the green check mark across the board.
Still cannot load a page, without disabling Zone Alarm.
(Remember, I'm not exactly a guru, so keep any advice pretty easy to follow).
I have printed the uninstall directions, I'm just hoping for an easier result.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.5