sorry for the delay getting back to you.
Needed to work on this on a non-family night.
Uninstalled/Reinstalled everything (how do i put my license key back in?).
Checked the Program Control area and the following came up with green marks across the board, except mail: Dashboard module (yahoo); Com surrogate; Yahoo Common Exe Mod; Tmproxy.exe; and Windows Explorer.
Of those, I went back under the column Server: Trusted/Internet and put question marks in all but Tmproxy.exe and Windows explorer.
When I tried to put question marks under Windows Explorer, Zone alarm labs stuff came up asking if I was sure--so I'll ask the expert whether I should be sure or not.
Otherwise, the only programs that have a green check mark in Server/trusted are: Applications layer Gateway Service; Generic Host; Internet Explorer; LSA Shell and Services and Controller App.
Let me know,