Zone Alarm is giving me the wrong IP destination in the alert box telling me that one of my programs, AVG, wants to access the internet (avginet.exe). The alert says, for instance,

Application: avginet.exe
Destination IP: DNS

But that IP belongs to Google and just happens to be the last connection I made in my web browser. When I block it and go to ZoneAlarm's logs, I see "Destination DNS" is blank for the "avginet.exe" event.

So it looks like a bug. The destination is empty for whatever reason, and ZA just uses the last non-empty value. If I visit another website and try updating AVG again, the ZA alert box shows an IP related to that web address.

I was wondering why AVG wanted to access Google!

Version info: ZA 6.5.737.000, "Firewall is up to date."

Operating System:
Windows XP Pro
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:

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