I'm having problems with a few sites I go to that use vbulletin.
In some posts they attach images and said images are represented by a linked thumbnail image to cut down on page load time.

The problem, while I have ZA running I can't view the thumbnailed images.
I can click on the link where the thumbnail should be and see the full sized image, but the thumbnail doesn't even show the little red X like it does when an image doesn't load.
When I have ZA shut off the thumbnails show up just fine.

Under Privacy (in ZA) I've added the forums address (forums.servername.org) and under the options for it, under cookies, I unchecked "Remove private header information", under ad blocking/ads to block I unchecked "Banner/Skyscraper ads" and "Animation" which have fixed this problem on other such forums that I visit.
I even tried adding just the forums server address (servername.org) with the same settings listed above and that didn't help either.

What other settings besides the individual site settings would cause this problem?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.5