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Thread: Problems with vbulletin and ZA Pro

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    arucardo Guest

    Default Problems with vbulletin and ZA Pro

    I'm having problems with a few sites I go to that use vbulletin.
    In some posts they attach images and said images are represented by a linked thumbnail image to cut down on page load time.

    The problem, while I have ZA running I can't view the thumbnailed images.
    I can click on the link where the thumbnail should be and see the full sized image, but the thumbnail doesn't even show the little red X like it does when an image doesn't load.
    When I have ZA shut off the thumbnails show up just fine.

    Under Privacy (in ZA) I've added the forums address ( and under the options for it, under cookies, I unchecked "Remove private header information", under ad blocking/ads to block I unchecked "Banner/Skyscraper ads" and "Animation" which have fixed this problem on other such forums that I visit.
    I even tried adding just the forums server address ( with the same settings listed above and that didn't help either.

    What other settings besides the individual site settings would cause this problem?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Problems with vbulletin and ZA Pro

    You're on the right track. Once you added the two URL's & did you also remember to clean your browser cache? If you did and it still did not work, then try this. Right click on the entry in the Privacy > Site List, selection options, go through all three tabs to uncheck everything, clicking 'apply' as you go through and then clean your browser cache once again. If the sites use vbscript, you will need to uncheck Mobile Code control for those sites.

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    arucardo Guest

    Default Re: Problems with vbulletin and ZA Pro

    Yes, I cleaned the cache.
    The only thing I left blocked under the site's settings was 3rd party cookies, which shouldn't make any difference since the images and thumbnails are all on the same server as the forums.

    Maybe I should just shut down ZA while I browse that site?
    The only thing it has on it without ZA running is "Ads by Google" and they aren't really bothersome or in the way.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Problems with vbulletin and ZA Pro

    It would be a good test to turn off all your Main Privacy (instead of shutting down Zone Alarm Pro), clean your browser cache and see if it then works as it should. If it does, then there are a few other things to try.

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    arucardo Guest

    Default Re: Problems with vbulletin and ZA Pro

    Shortly after my last post I couldn't even connect to the internet (browsers, messengers, email clients, ect) when ZA was active, I had to shut it off to be able to even access

    So I uninstalled ZA and am trying another firewall.
    I'm having no troubles with it so I'm not sure if I'll switch back or not at this point in time.

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