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    Hello: Brief description of my set-up.
    I have an Epson printer connected via USB to my Dell PC.
    The Dell is connected to
    a 4 port wired router.
    I have another PC (HP) in the house also connected to this router.
    I am able to share files between the two PCs, so I'm reasonably confident they are networked together.
    I want to be able to
    access the printer from the HP computer.
    When I use the printer wizard on the HP, it browses for printers, sees the Epson, but when I try to connect, says it cannot connect. So then I turned off the ZA Firewall on the Dell, and ran the wizard again.
    I made a little progress, as window popped up asking for a password for the Dell to allow guest access, which I don't think I ever set.

    So, any suggestions as to how I can access this printer from the HP? By the way, I am using the free version of ZA.
    Thanks for the help.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
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    Default Re: Printing problems

    I have the same setup, except its 2 dell computers, a Linksys router, and a USB Cannon printer.In your case it sounds as if you don't have file and printer sharing turned on in both computers. Go into network connections in the control panel, right click on your network connection and select properties. Now see if file and printer sharing is checked. If it is, then go into ZA and make sure you have the LAN subnet in the trusted zone. Make sure the trusted zone is on medium. If that still doesn't work, make sure both computers have the same workgroup (you can check this in the system control panel, in the computer name tab).
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