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Thread: Internet Connectivity Problem with One Particular Site

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    blofeld Guest

    Default Internet Connectivity Problem with One Particular Site

    I am having problems trying to browse one particular site, namely
    I have 2 computers both running XP Home, IE7 and Zone Alarm firewall (the old one has ZA Pro and the new one ZA Security Suite).
    As far as I am aware the settings are the same and they have pretty much the same set of other software installed.
    Both machines are on the same network and share a modem router, so the internet feed is the same for both.
    Problem is that the new machine cannot reach the music site and IE reports an internet connectivity issue and suggesting that I am not connected to the internet or that there is a DNS problem, the old machine however has no problems and happily displays the site.
    I have never knowingly had to alter the settings on the old machine to make it connect to sites and as I said I believe that both machines are set up the same (obviously not or I wouldn't have this problem).
    Incidentally I also have a Linux machine running firefox on the network and that can view the site without issue too.
    I have discovered that if I turn off the cookie control and ad blocking in privacy I can access the site, but obviously I do not want to do this on a permanent basis.
    I have added the site to the privacy list of sites and deselected everything, but this does not allow me to browse the site when the general settings are returned to Medium.
    I do not understand why this should be different to the ZA Pro setup which allows me to access the site and has cookies set to high and ad blocking set to med and what's more there is no listing for the site in the privacy list of sites - is there something that I am missing here?
    So far this is the only site that I have an issue with, but I am trying to dispense with the old PC and this sort of problem makes that difficult.
    Any thoughts on what to check would be gratefully received.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Internet Connectivity Problem with One Particular Site

    Try removing it from the privacy list, turn off the privacy advisor and try again. I haveno problems.
    My homes are [url=][b][color=#000099][/color][/b][/url] and [url=][b][color=#000099][/color][/b][/url] and [url=][b][color=#000099][/color][/b][/url]

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    blofeld Guest

    Default Re: Internet Connectivity Problem with One Particular Site

    'Fraid that didn't help.
    As you say you have no problems and my old machine has no problems, so what could be the difference?
    Just to complete the story - I also had a slightly different problem with - the home page is made up of a number of separate panels and my new machine showed many of these panels as 'The website declined to display this webpage'.
    The resolution for this was to deselect 'banner/skyscraper ads' under ad blocking.
    This reduced my overall ad blocking to med from high, however my old machine is still on high and displays the ebay homepage correctly.
    So once again a difference in the behaviour of the 2 systems - why?
    Grateful for any other ideas.

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    blofeld Guest

    Default Re: Internet Connectivity Problem with One Particular Site

    More news - the same thing that happens with the music site is now happening with another site that has previously (last week)
    been fine and has been accessed many times in the past without a problem, which suggests to me that something in ZA has become corrupted (?) why else would something stop working?
    Do I need to uninstall and reinstall ZA or is there some other way to check/repair the setup?

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Internet Connectivity Problem with One Particular Site

    See if what is advised in this thread works for you
    Best regards

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    blofeld Guest

    Default Re: Internet Connectivity Problem with One Particular Site

    Thanks for yor suggestion...BUT I seem to have tried every combination of settings from removing the site from the list of sites as suggested by Hoov to adding the listing and giving it every privacy permission all to no avail the only thing that works for this machine and is to turn off all the main privacy settings.
    The only thing that privacy advisor pops up for is private header being blocked which seems to be the case for most sites I visit.
    One of the sites I visit often is listed in the list of sites and has its private header blocked, so I unchecked that setting for that site but privacy advisor still says that private headers are being blocked for that site.
    Do the individual site settings actually DO anything?
    I still come back to the question of why it is that my old machine running ZA Pro 6.5.737.000 displays all sites I visit without any tinkering on my part and with privacy settings set to high for ad blocking and med for cookies but my new machine running ZASS 6.5.737.000 needs all this mucking around to get things to work.
    What is the difference?

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    blofeld Guest

    Default Re: Internet Connectivity Problem with One Particular Site

    This is obviously proving too difficult even for the gurus amongst the readership!
    I now have a problem with - when I select details for a flight and then search there is an error screen saying that I must have cookies enabled - they are in XP, it is ZASS that is stopping it.
    I turn off all privacy settings and it works fine.
    Once again though my old machine running the same version (6.5.737.000)
    of ZA Pro works fine with privacy settings set to
    Med for cookie control and High for ad control.
    I have had to resort to leaving the privacy settings off in order to surf without interruption which is not very satisfactory.
    Any ideas gratefully received.

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