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Thread: PC performance became extreamly slow

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    Default PC performance became extreamly slow

    I've used zonealarm for a few months w/o problems.
    I just noticed that my pc performance
    saddenly became extreamly very slow.
    I checked cpu usage and memory usage, but it looked fine.
    Even though the PC works very slow, cpu usage and memory usage were minimum.
    When I installed ZA, my pc worked slower but not as slow as now.
    When I click on menu items, buttons on windows, it took while to work so I need to click it a few times.
    If I turn off ZA, my pc works firster.
    If ZA
    affects my PC's performance,
    is there anything I can set on ZA to make it work better?

    Besides, should I suspect I've got some virous on
    my PC?

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    Default Re: PC performance became extreamly slow


    Lets do some online scans for infections and then we can assume the PC is clean. Please use the IE to use these sites, because they use ActiveX components and yes these are very safe sites. These will not just detect but repair and remove any infection that they find>

    Download and install and update and run these freeware spyware scanners>

    The second step after determining that the PC is clean is now determine why the PC is slow. Was there a recent MS update before the problem happened or was the ZA updated? Any new software installs or major changes on the PC. Any ZA setting changes or other secuirty application changes or upgrades? We can work on these issues.

    Best regards.

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