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    I'm not entirely if this is ZA issues or not, but there is a chance in my recent installing of ZA may have messed something up. And what's my problem you ask? Simple yet becoming infuriatingly annoying. Alright, so I'm a writer and I'm writing something for the past month or so and what do I use to check up on my spelling? That's right, But, I not only use that I some times use to thesaurus it has on the same site. The problem? loads fine, but every *beep* time (and just as a note I use Firefox, so I open the thesaurus in a new tab) I link to the thesaurus is WON'T LOAD! And when it does and I try to search something it WON'T LOAD AGAIN! And it's *beeping* me off. This simple little site is being screwed up by something I don't know of, but there are ideas of what it may be.

    Now, I have added it in ZA as a "trusted site" just to make sure it wasn't ZA, but that didn't help the situation at all. It continues to defy the simple orders for whatever reason. Is this a web browser problem, computer problem, or possibly a ZA problem? And if it's any of the three point me in the right direction in some help. Thanks.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
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    Software Version:6.5

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    Ist step is shut down Zonealarm. Does problem persist?2nd step (if problem persists probably not a zonealarm problem.) try turning off popup blocker inFirefoxI tried the site and noticed that using the link from the dictionary site, the thesaurus comes upin a new window in internet explorer.If firefox is not allowing the thesaurus to come up in a new tab or window try using internet explorer just to see if it will allow the site to show up. If it works in internet explorer but not firefox it is a browser setting problem.Let us know how it goes please.

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