I'm not entirely if this is ZA issues or not, but there is a chance in my recent installing of ZA may have messed something up. And what's my problem you ask? Simple yet becoming infuriatingly annoying. Alright, so I'm a writer and I'm writing something for the past month or so and what do I use to check up on my spelling? That's right, dictionary.com. But, I not only use that I some times use to thesaurus it has on the same site. The problem? Dictionary.com loads fine, but every *beep* time (and just as a note I use Firefox, so I open the thesaurus in a new tab) I link to the thesaurus is WON'T LOAD! And when it does and I try to search something it WON'T LOAD AGAIN! And it's *beeping* me off. This simple little site is being screwed up by something I don't know of, but there are ideas of what it may be.

Now, I have added it in ZA as a "trusted site" just to make sure it wasn't ZA, but that didn't help the situation at all. It continues to defy the simple orders for whatever reason. Is this a web browser problem, computer problem, or possibly a ZA problem? And if it's any of the three point me in the right direction in some help. Thanks.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:
Software Version:6.5