Have ZA Free 6.5.737.000.
Most configurations and programs run fine except when booting up computer.
At start up, I have to wait at least 15 minutes before I can access the internet (have cable connection) and then only after I "repair" my internet connection through the settings on the start menu (running XP SP2).
If I repair the internet connection before 15 minutes, the internet is not accessible.
This only works after about 15 minutes.
This happens at all restarts, too...there is a 15 minute wait time whenever the computer is booted up before being able to access the internet and then only after "repairing" the internet connection.
This also happens after about 12 hours of my computer being left on.
I leave it on most of the day and when I try to access the internet after the computer has been on for 12 hours or more, I need to again "repair" the internet connection...I assume to renew my IP address.
This is not a start-up issue with my computer since before installing ZA, start-ups were very quick and I never had to repair the connection.
It was as it is supposed to be with a cable connection...internet access immediately.
This is not system components that are starting slowly which is what the ZA help files say...again, this did not happen before ZA.
Any ideas on what is not set up correctly?
What needs to be changed/configured to get the internet to work without repairing the connection and without waiting at least 15 minutes?
Thanks for any help....

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.5