Hi, everyone!
I've had Zone Alarm Pro installed on my computer for about a week now, and I'm reaching new levels of frustration.
I also have AVG anti-virus, which I installed about the same time when I discovered that my original software was outdated by 2yrs!
Shame on me.
Anyway -- I'm fairly new at this, and I'm probably missing a very simple, glaring solution to this problem, but I'm throwing it out to you anyway.
Logging on to my Internet sites has become such a chore that I dread checking any of them.
Every time I log on, I'll go to say,
the ZoneAlarm home page.
All the smileys, graphics, avatars, etc. are gone.
If I want to click on something, I have to know where the "button" is and position my pointer on that spot.
This is really annoying when someone wants to share photos, since I can't see any of them.
I've also discovered that most of the sites, this one included, will give me script errors.
More often than not, my sites don't even recognize me as a user, and keep asking me to register!
Sometimes I can fix some of these problems by enabling my 3rd party cookies (which is what I had to do to log on to this forum), but I'd really prefer not to have to do that.
Then again, sometimes that doesn't solve anything!
Sometimes by the end of the day, pictures and avatars appear.
Other times they don't.
Please help before I'm completely bald from pulling out my hair!
I'm female -- that'd be really unattractive!

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version: