Hello, firstly I will describe the situation that I have a problem with ... We have two PC's at home which are connected in a network via an Ethernet Cable, ICS is enabled and both computers use the latest edition of Zone Alarm Security Suite. PC "A" uses Tiscali 8MB Broadband to connect to the internet, and provides PC "B" with internet also with ICS.

Up until recently PC "A" has been supplying PC "B" with internet access after a few set up problems. But the other day PC "B" could not access certain websites, here are a few ....

Windows Updates

And also if I applied any filters in BF1942 it would hang on the server screen and not show any. Also MSN Live messenger would never connect. Interestingly the MSN Connection Wizard suggested it might be a port problem which I believe it maybe. It could however access websites such as www.google.com and a few Forums that I frequent, but for the most part it wouldn't connect to many websites

This problem was quite annoying and I couldn't seem to resolve it so I finally decided to reinstall XP on PC "B" and start from scratch. Only to discover that I had the exact same problem as before once I got PC "B" back up and running again ...

My question is why do certain websites & programs work and others do not?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5