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Thread: Outlook POP3 Problems

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    ylweyez Guest

    Default Outlook POP3 Problems

    Ok, I have seen this around on these forums, but I cannot find an answer.

    I use Outlook Express as an email client and when I try to send/receieve mail, I get an error that says
    "Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection.....etc....error 0x800CCC0F."

    Now, I'm currently installing the new beta to see if that solves the problem, but I've always had the most recent version of ZA. Now, It was working fine for about 2 years, and then starting around the beginning of december, it started with this error. I have Outlook w/ all the different accept check marks on it, and I've even gone so far as to allow all the different .dll components of outlook. What is the problem?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    ylweyez Guest

    Default Re: Outlook POP3 Problems

    Well, I upgraded to that new beta 7 there, and it seemed to have fixed it. So it may just have been a problem with the install, but it works, so if anyone else has this problem, upgrade lol.

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    lookmaimhere Guest

    Default Re: Outlook POP3 Problems

    Well it does not cause errors with outlook express for me, however, it causes severe problems with Windows Live Mail desktop.
    Causes an error stating about problems with not being installed properly, that disk is full and an error number comes up.
    It also causes and error with msmail.dll going missing.
    I have just restored an image, hopefully that will fix it.
    It has for now, however, it seemed to happen after a virii scan.
    I have just rejoined zone alarm, last versions I used was a free one 8 + years ago and paid for was zonealarm pro, 6 years ago.
    I have been using NIS or NPF past few years, now, even with a gig of r.a.m. NIS 2007 causes too much grief and lags my system to a stop sometimes.
    So I rejoined ZA yesterday.
    I hope my key is valid when version 7.xx ZASS is released fully (not beta).
    Hope to see the new version soon.

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    critterjoe Guest

    Default Re: Outlook POP3 Problems

    <blockquote><hr>LookMaImHere wrote:
    ...&gt;So I rejoined ZA yesterday.I hope my key is valid when version 7.xx ZASS is released fully (not beta).Hope to see the new version soon.

    A purchased license key for a ZA product is for a period of time, such as 1 or 2 years, and is not version-specific. It qualifies the purchaser to upgrade to any new version that comes out during that time period. So if you recently bought a license, you will be able to upgrade to v 7.0 and any other upgrades that occur in the next 12 months (or however long your license period is).

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