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    Hi!I am new to zone labs and have a question about the network settings for the antispyware.
    Whenever I use to log on to my computer I use to get a message window that asked me about my I think network settings.
    I would select one and the acess the ineternet.
    However today that little message window did not come up.
    Should I worry about this or is it no big deal?
    Also if I want the message window back at the start of every log in how do I get it back.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    Default Re: Network Issue

    The message was something like "new network found"?

    Actually the Trusted could be selected.

    This message will only appear when a new network is found.

    Maybe if we get some setting for the ZA done, the network issue will be fixed and the ZA/network will work even better. The DNS and DHCP server addresses are the ones that are probably in question.

    Make sure your DNS and DHCP server IP's are in your Firewall's Trusted zone. Finding DNS and DCHP servers, etc

    1. Go to Run type in command , hit 'ok', and type ipconfig /all then press enter. In the returned data list will be a line DNS and DHCP Servers with the IP address(s) listed out to the side.
    2. In ZA on your machine on the Firewall>Zones tab click Add and then select IP Address. Make sure the Zone is set to Trusted.
    3. Click OK and then Apply and see if that works to fix it.
    4. The loopback or localhost ( must be listed as Trusted.
    5. The Generic Host Process (svchost.exe), in the Program Control Program list, must have server rights for the Trusted Zone.
    Plus it must have both Trusted and Internet Access and three green bars.


    This is a start and maybe the correct solution. If it is not working properly still, then please reply.

    Best regards.

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