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Thread: Windows Live Messenger Can't Connect?

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    shelbyw Guest

    Default Windows Live Messenger Can't Connect?

    I have all my messenger settings on the highest allow spots, and yet my Windows Live Messenger still cannot seem to connect.. Could anyone inform me of how to fix this? I've tried all I can and nothing seems to be working..

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Windows Live Messenger Can't Connect?

    I've got MSN messenger 7.5 which I think is the same application just an older version and it works fine with Zone Alarm Pro. Try this...close your IM, open your Zone Alarm control panel, go to Program Control > Programs, locate the Messenger entry, right click on it, then click to 'remove' it. Now open your messenger application and try to connect. You should get a Zone Alarm program alert, click 'allow' and the 'remember this' box. Did that work?

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    hoody Guest

    Default Re: Windows Live Messenger Can't Connect?

    Well I also have this problem and so do many others all the sudden. I have tried all the suggestions in a number of forms about this and NOTHING will work.I have cleared the messanger in the programs and re started messanger, nothing, same error 81000306 did this several timesI went to windows firewall config to set it for MSN , still nothingI cleared the ispconfig/flushdns, nothingI reinstalled msn 8.1 (beta), nothing even removed 8.1 and installed 8, still nothing.

    So I closed ZA altogether and temp started the windows firewall, and guess what, MSN logs in fine. So its NOT
    windows live messanger 8 0r 8.1 or any other version, its something to do with ZA firewall. And as stated, I removed messanger from the programs several times, restarted it and gave it full super trust status, and ALL the box checked as allow, still it won't connect anymore. the only way it will connect (login) is by shutting down ZA and using windows firewall just to do that. After I connect with ZA off, and than turn ZA back on, its no problem, it stays loged in. Soooo it has to be some conflict with some program code that seems to not like Windows messanger.
    BTW Yahoo messanger loggs in just fine.

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    Default Re: Windows Live Messenger Can't Connect?

    Did you give the MSN server rights for the Trusted and Internet Zones before opening it?

    In the right click of the MSN do the first two items listed in the Options have check marks?

    Are the MSN sites listed in the Privacy site list with all green marks besdie it?

    Best regards.

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    hoody Guest

    Default Re: Windows Live Messenger Can't Connect?

    ?? I think thats what I said in my last post, yeah I gave it "SUPER" rights and checked ALL the blocks, did this several times. I also did a edit of my registry. Sometimes that worked but just for one login, after log out and try to re log in it goes back to the same thing.
    This just kinda started last week, I have no idea what happened, cause i didn't update my ZA version, or MSN.
    Well anyway I'm waitin for the final of the next ZA version 7 and see what that does on a install of a new version.

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    hoody Guest

    Default Re: Windows Live Messenger Can't Connect?

    Well looks like no one has any more "ideas" on this strange problem, so maybe its time
    for the ZA developers to take a look at this. And
    either fix the hangup or give some effective instructions on how and what to set to make it work again.

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    herbhunter Guest

    Default Re: Windows Live Messenger Can't Connect?

    I am having this problem also.
    For those who are trying to figure out a solution, this may be a useful piece of info.
    ZA is only blocking the actual sign-in for Windows Live Messenger.
    If I turn off ZA, sign into WLM, and then turn ZA back on my Messenger works flawlessly (with the Access and Server rights granted as done automatically).
    However, if I attempt to sign into Messenger with ZA on, it is unable to connect for authentication.
    Perhaps the sign-in function requires a different port than the rest of the application functions?

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    hoody Guest

    Default Re: Windows Live Messenger Can't Connect?

    U got it brother, that's exactly what I found........ if I use the windows firewall its no problem either. So we'll just have to see who decides to fix this mess first, ZA or MSN

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    sparhawksdotcom Guest

    Default Re: Windows Live Messenger Can't Connect?

    Upgrading to version 7 doesn't resolve the issue. Still the same problem.

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    Default Re: Windows Live Messenger Can't Connect?

    Did you do a clean install?
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