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Thread: ZA is blocking my network

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    Default ZA is blocking my network

    I have a simple 2 computer, cross-over network and I am sharing the internet connection with the other computer. The problem is that my ZA client is blocking internet access and sharing between the 2 systems. I have placed my net connection in the internet zone and the network in the trusted zone but everytime ZA is on the systems refuse to comunicate. Can someone pls tell me what settings I need to use in ZA so that it won't block my network?

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    Which ZA? The ZAFree or the ZA paid versions. The ZAfree does not allow ICS unless the Internet Security Zone is set at Medium instead of High.

    Take a look at>

    Please repost with some more info and for more help.

    Also indicate what OS and if a router is used and the ZA versions, please.

    Best regards.

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