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    Hello,Apparently i am having the same problem! (PS I am not very tech savvy)Ihave followed your instructions and added the IP addresses to zonealarm, howeverI still see blocked inbound attempts from the address that is from my ISP (by looking at the source DNS,I can see that the address belonging to my ISP's).Upon ipconfig /all command, the address I got for BOTH DHCP and DNS server were 192.168.XXX.XXX, which I realised now is probably my modem's IP address, because that is the address I type in my web browser to login to the internet or test connection settings etc.. (sry I'm not sure if I sld post my address as I'm afraid its not safe to do so?)Could you guide me how could I obtain the true DNS and DHCP IP addresses so that I may add to zonealarm?One thing I don't understand is, I could be logged onto the internet the whole day, say 10hours, and everything is fine. However, everytime I leave my computer unattended for a long period of time (haven't really timed it) thats where the connection is lost and I need to restart the computerto gain back the internet connection. Why does this happen? (Note: I don'tmanually disconnect from the broadband service)Thanks for helping in advance, and hope I have'nt been too lenghty=)

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    What version of Zonealarm are you using? Free? or Premium?What connection type do you have for the internet?First try putting your subnet mask in the trusted zone if you have not already done that , That is the address that goes something like get back if you need help on how to do thatledoc

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