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Thread: Windows messanger and ZA 7

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    hoody Guest

    Default Windows messanger and ZA 7

    Well this is real strange, I had problems getting windows live messanger to even connect with ZA 6.5, but it did open at least, now I have installed the new ZA 7 and wanted to see if it worked now with this new version and a "clean install".
    Well now its even worse, when you click the Windows messanger icon, the whole computer just freze's up, and just hangs there. I had to use the off button to reboot.
    Also on a reboot even a restart, windows goes nuts and keeps rebooting, however sometimes if I start to hit the enter key as its going to desktop it will continue to load. boy o boy...
    And one more thing so far, windows security center keeps sayin the AV is out of date, I just updated it, and it still says its out of date...............
    I don't know what these people at ZA are doin, but you would think that a common program like MSN (windows live messanger) would be tested prior to any release.
    Luckly I made a image backup and if this can't be corrected I'll just revert back to 6.5.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    hoody Guest

    Default Re: Windows messanger and ZA 7

    An update on my last post.
    Today I got the Windows live messanger to work again, I went to programs and set ALL the red x's that the auto set at install to blue ?'s and it cleared that up.
    Also it has stopped the redundent reboot at startup.
    The item that windows security says that my AV is out of date still pops up on reboot, I found going to the anti virus/ spyware section and clicking on advanced options and than just clicking the OK button it goes away at that time. So I'm not sure if its a small bug or its an install issue.
    Would like some input from anybody else that has installed the new version 7 if they have this happen.

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    Default Re: Windows messanger and ZA 7


    Welcome to the Forum!

    First of all the problem with the Windows Security Center has been reported to Tech Support and they are working on the problem, as we speak.

    Second, your comment, "I don't know what these people at ZA are doin, but you would think that a common program like MSN (windows live messanger) would be tested prior to any release." These type of comments are NOT WELCOME here at this forum. These people are trying there very best in giving EVERYONE a successful program to use on their computers and I have never ever seen a software program that has no problems with it when released.


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