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Thread: Firefox, Yahoo Images Search Pages and ZoneAlarm Privacy Settings

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    billyjiv Guest

    Default Firefox, Yahoo Images Search Pages and ZoneAlarm Privacy Settings

    Over the past two weeks (as I do not know exactly when this began), When I do image search at Yahoo using their image search engine, I do not get thumbnails of the results, but "link boxes" which display "go to fullsize image. I at first thought it a problem with Yahoo settings, but all of them have made no difference. I then thought it a FireFox issue, but again changes to setting have changed nothing. My next thought was ZoneAlarm. I disabled it completed, and all the images load fine. SO I started looking at ZA settings. I have narrowed it down to the PRIVACY settings. Here is where is gets frustrating. I have to set BOTH the Cookies and Ad Blocking sliders to OFF to get the images to display. If I change EITHER one up one notch, the images will not display. I have added the basic site (e.g. to the custom list and "allowed everything" that I can find and still the images will not display. I really don't want to display those feature all the time and don't want to have to slide them off just to search images. To complicate things, this only happen with Firefox. When I used IE 7 the images display just fine.

    Can someone tell me what is happening and how I can make adjustments to make this all work??

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Firefox, Yahoo Images Search Pages and ZoneAlarm Privacy Settings

    Try this. Go to your Zone Alarm Privacy > Site List, right click on the "Yahoo" entry, then click to remove it. Now click on the 'add' button, enter and click 'ok'. Now locate the site you just entered on the Site List, right click on it and select 'options'. Next go through all three tabs to uncheck everything and click 'apply' as you go through each tab. Now clean your browser cache and try the site again.

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