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    wphighlander Guest

    Default Call of Duty 2

    Since I have updated to 6.5.737
    I have had nothing but MAJOR slowing down of my Call of Duty2 game in both single player and multi-player. This has been proven by switching ZA off. This was , unfortunately ,
    my last call. I have a new High speed modem. A new monitor. Checked completely my 2 Gig of RAM. Reinstalled
    XP Home
    and all other progs after a format. I have been with ZA for a few years now and
    I never really suspected to have any probs with it. Even E-Mailed support and they told me not to switch it off. GO FIGURE. I don't think I will be renewing my subscription. EVERYTHING WAS FINE UNTIL THE LAST UPDATE.

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    scorn Guest

    Default Re: Call of Duty 2

    im having exactly the same issue with Day of Defeat Source, has always worked great then once the update
    terrible performance ingame
    high loss, choke etc,
    as soon as i switch off zonealarm everything is fine,
    anyone have ideas?

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    Default Re: Call of Duty 2

    Try turning off the AV scanner
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    larsv Guest

    Default Re: Call of Duty 2


    In my case the big snag was/is loading time. My son o is a big fab of Call of Duty 2 found a couple of weeks ago that loading time for for COD2 changed to app. 4 minutes. After turning the Virus scanner of it's back to 15 sec.

    My subscription will expire in 33 days, it will not be renewed!

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