I have a Zone Alarm Free and I've 3 computers in the office which have ZA Free installed on them all. My system (server) is connected to a wireless internet connection nad the rest of the other 2 systems go thru my system for their internet connection. Everything has been set-up right and all 3 computers have full access to the internet, EXCEPT when ZA Free is ON. I've disabled Windows Firewall on all 3 systems but I've both the Norton Internet Suite 2006 & ZA Free on my system. I configured ZA Free for the network files & printer sharing already but I've to turn ZA Free off in order for the other 2 computers to access the internet. This works pretty fine because i still have the Norton Internet Suite Firewall ON all the time. I'd rather have ZA Free ON all the time with full internet access on the other 2 systems as well. I checked on the www.donhoover.net and the "Wirewall" feature was mentioned. The only thing I've on my main ZA page is the Firewall selection and the main tab on it. After I click advance, I still can't find the ICS feature that the thread in www.donhoover.net mentioned, that would enable the other 2 systems to access the internet all the time, without my having to shut down ZA Free.
Please Help.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.1