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    richardparaguya Guest

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    I have a Zone Alarm Free and I've 3 computers in the office which have ZA Free installed on them all. My system (server) is connected to a wireless internet connection nad the rest of the other 2 systems go thru my system for their internet connection. Everything has been set-up right and all 3 computers have full access to the internet, EXCEPT when ZA Free is ON. I've disabled Windows Firewall on all 3 systems but I've both the Norton Internet Suite 2006 & ZA Free on my system. I configured ZA Free for the network files & printer sharing already but I've to turn ZA Free off in order for the other 2 computers to access the internet. This works pretty fine because i still have the Norton Internet Suite Firewall ON all the time. I'd rather have ZA Free ON all the time with full internet access on the other 2 systems as well. I checked on the and the "Wirewall" feature was mentioned. The only thing I've on my main ZA page is the Firewall selection and the main tab on it. After I click advance, I still can't find the ICS feature that the thread in mentioned, that would enable the other 2 systems to access the internet all the time, without my having to shut down ZA Free.
    Please Help.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.1

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    billc Guest

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    The Free version of Zone Alarm does not support ICS. You probably should get a router then you can use Zone Alarm Free on your computers. BTW, it's not a good idea to have more than one firewall installed even if one is turned off.

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    richardparaguya Guest

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    Jan 24, 2007
    Bill :
    Thanks for your prompt reply. I actually had little success with ZA Free last night. What I did was to include & (for testing purposes) in the trusted zone. It sort of worked. I can't believe I would have to include all known websites into the trustez zone, that's why I decided to log onto the forum.
    I totally trust ZA as a firewall above all others, including the highly-acclaimed Norton Internet Suite 2005. So I'm hoping that there would be a way for me to continue using ZA Free while letting the other 2 systems get connected onto the internet.
    My other option is to stick with Norton Internet Suite 2005 alone or download another firewall software. If I've to stick to Norton, I'd probably have to get an updated version, right?
    By the way, why do you not recommend having more than 1 firewall installed?
    Additionally, I've 5 "guardians" on my system.... Norton Internet Suite 2005, CA Antivirus, Ad-Aware, Spyblaster & ZA Free. I'd rather increase my physical resources to accommodate the double dose of protection than to be hit by uneccessary risks on the internet.
    If there is anyway at all that I can work around this issue, please tell me.
    Thanks a lot.
    Albay, Philippines

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Internet Connection Sharing

    I'd install a firewall on each computer so that it can watch your programs for nefarious activities. Only a firewall installed on a machine can do this. With a router, you could put Zone Alarm Free on each machine without the hassle you discribed.

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    richardparaguya Guest

    Default Re: Internet Connection Sharing

    Thanks again for your quick reply.
    Actually, all 3 systems have 2 sets of antivirus running,
    2 anti-spyware & 1 firewall. I forgot to mentioned that the other 2 systems connect to the internet thru my system, which is the server... via a network HUB only.
    This is how it's set-up :1st system (Server-1 GB DDR400 Memory) : ZA Free, Norton Internet Suite 2005, Ad-Aware, Spyblaster & CA Antivirus2nd system (Secretary-384MB Memory) : ZA Free, CA Antivirus, AVG Free, Ad-Aware & Spyblaster.3rd System (Marketing-256MB Memory) : ZA Free, CA Antivirus, AVG Free, Ad-Aware & Spyblaster.
    Can you tell me how best to protect my 3 systems with working internet functions, if you were in my shoes?

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Internet Connection Sharing

    You asked my opinion so here goes. I think that Zone Alarm Free and AVG Free are the best free applications in their fields. So I'd put one of each on each machine. You should not run two antivirus or two firewalls on a machine. More is not better, it just causes conflicts and sometimes makes both ineffective. So I'd uninstall the CA antivirus and Norton Internet security. You could choose to keep the CA Antivirus instead of AVG but whichever one you chose, uninstall the other one, don't just shut it down.

    Ad-Aware is a good program and should not interfere with your AV or Firewall. I would install the freeware program, Spyware Blaster on each machine. Then I'd do away with your hub and get a router which will offer additional inbound protection and will permit you to use Zone Alarm Free on all machines. You can find routers for under $30 either on eBay or a store with rebates. I never have liked hubs.

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    richardparaguya Guest

    Default Re: Internet Connection Sharing

    Jan 25, 2007
    Bill :
    Thanks Bill.
    I read reviews from about the top firewall picks and Norton Internet Suite 2007 is one of them, together with Zonealram PRO & Zonealarm Inet Suite. I definitely agree with you that ZA Free is tops when it comes to firewall protection. Since I can't get my hands on a router right now, I'll have to settle on relying on just CA Antivirus, ZA Free, Ad-Aware & Spy Blaster on the secretary & marketing system, while mine (The server and most important system) would do away with ZA Free. Instead, I'll go get the Norton Internet Suite 2007 and I'll continue the Ad-aware & spyblaster. How does that sound like to you?
    I checked out a few antivirus review sites (pcmag, pcworld &

    and they rate
    the following as top
    AV : Norton, Bitdefender, Kapersky & McAfee. Since i'm stuck with a hub, I've no choice but to uninstall my beloved ZA Free on my system because it don't allow ICS, I've to choose a worthy substitute. I've used Bitdefender PRO in the past and I must say, it was tenacious. However, I a traditionalist and I believe in sticking with the vetereans, such as Norton. Which among the top
    AV/inet suite
    would you recommend
    for a worthy firewall & AV protection software.
    a lot indeed!

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