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Thread: Cannot Play Google Video using IE or Firefox. OK if Firewall is Off.

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    aushadi Guest

    Default Cannot Play Google Video using IE or Firefox. OK if Firewall is Off.

    ok, I don't get it...
    switched from ca (comp assoc) ISS (w/za firewall) to za ISS 7.03.
    had prblems getting google video to work with the ca pgm, using IE or FF,but right after my install of za SS 7.0, google video seemed to run fine.
    when I booted up the next day and tried to play google video, it failed - just as it had before.everything seems to load ok, the word "DONE" appears in lower left corner, but the video playerbox/screen never opens up, and you are stuck looking at a blank screen.
    there is a little alert at bottom right; when it it's selected the firewall privacy page opens upwith one location highlighted:

    But I have already given this thing completecarte blanche - everything has a green check mark.
    I have given a spot onmy trusted list, gone into expert settings and done the same there, eastablished it as ahost site and given it no restraints, and have done the sme thing everywhere else I couldthink of.
    I also did the same thing for and, and oneother ggogle video related item (can't recall...).
    Anyway, nothing works!
    I think that yahooand youtube do work, but to be honest,
    I'm not sure and will check when I get home.(yes, some of of us poor unfortunates do have to work weekends.)

    under the ca ISS scheme, I could
    take my chances and shut down just

    the there a way to do that with the za SS Firewall?
    Couldn't figure it out if there is, althoughit seemed possible to selectively shutdown the av and/or spyware...
    Figure I must bemissing something re: firewall shutdown - how could they leave something as simpleand basic as that - out?


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    Default Re: Cannot Play Google Video using IE or Firefox. OK if Firewall is Off.

    Whatever you are streaming to needs to have internet server rights. Like WMP.
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    aushadi Guest

    Default Re: Cannot Play Google Video using IE or Firefox. OK if Firewall is Off.

    Dear Hoov,
    am not sure I fully "wmp" you refer to win media player, I guess.
    I don't know that I'm streaming "to" anythng.
    as far as I know, I'm just trying to getgoogle video to open and play.
    I don't have any pgm that is involved, I guess -it seems that only url's or sites or ip addresses (having to do with google video)must be given a better set of rights/clearances (?)

    I went to 1st page of firewall and turned OFF both Internet Zone monitoring andTrusted Zone monitoring.
    also went to Privacy page and turned OFF mobile coderestraints to all sites.

    keep getting alert about
    from Privacy Advisor when trying to play agoogle video - but have gone into the 3 separate pages available when getting "Options"for the entry, and turned off/deselected all restraints/restrictions.

    NO Help.
    clearing cache didn't help, either.
    but I have to say that google video did work the first timeI used it with my old CA ISS.
    the next day it wouldn't play videos.
    Likewise, after my new installof the za SS, google video worked fine the first time.
    the next day it stopped playing.
    guess I'm not as bad off as some other people: at least my hp will play Yahoo videos andyoutube - without my having to disable any aspect of security or the fireall - internet andtrusted zones both on Max and mobile code enabled. no accomodations made.
    What Gives?!
    again, I ask: isn't there some way to disable the firewall without completely shutting downthe whole za SS?

    at least the ca ISS version
    gave the option to shutdown only the firewall.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

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