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Thread: AntiVirus updates fail (At&T/SBC/Yahoo)

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    pleiades Guest

    Default AntiVirus updates fail (At&T/SBC/Yahoo)

    info says to make sure the anitvirus components have been granted permission to access the internet........I've been looking around zone alarm and I can't find where to check this. Where is this information?
    When I do find it is there any chance that it will be explained in a way that I'll understand what to do?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:7.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: AntiVirus updates fail (At&T/SBC/Yahoo)

    Go to your Zone Alarm Control Panel > Program Control . Programs and find your antivirus application on the list. Make sure it has green check marks under 'access' both Trusted and Internet.

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    pleiades Guest

    Default Re: AntiVirus updates fail (At&T/SBC/Yahoo)

    "zonelabs client" is all question marks, "zone lab updating" is green for Acess trusted and internetand red x's for server trusted and internet.....should I check them all

    can you tell me more about what they mean by "access" and "server" and "trusted" and "internet"? The more I learn the less
    confusion with
    later issues.....
    Thank you, I didn't find that section and would not have felt safe changing things without expert advice.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: AntiVirus updates fail (At&T/SBC/Yahoo)

    Here's the short version of what these permissions mean. First, computers in the Trusted zone can only access other computers in the Trusted zone. That is typically your DNS and DHCP servers and any computers you might have on a home or office network. The Internet zone is all the computers tied to the internet.

    When you grant 'access', that means you allow a program on your computer to contact another computer in the 'zone' in which access was granted. That's why you need to grant 'access' to the Internet zone for your browser, e-mail client, etc. so they can get info from the other computers on the internet.

    When you grant 'server' rights ...and you should rarely if ever need to do this...a program on your computer can 'listen' for a connect request in the zone in which you've granted server rights. Most programs do not need server rights to work properly but many do need to have access rights.

    If you look in your Zone Alarm Help files you'll find a better and more detailed answer.

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    pleiades Guest

    Default Re: AntiVirus updates fail (At&T/SBC/Yahoo)

    To confirm, there are two columns, Access and Server.
    In the row for Zone Alarm Update Access has green checks in both trusted and internet, server has red X s in both trusted and internet. Is that the way is should be? Could the server be sending me the update or my computer looking for it?

    The other Zone row is Zone Labs Client and it has blue question marks all across.

    I did look in Help , without knowing the terminology used I was unable to find an explanation and I did not have time to read the entire thing, through I scrolled and read a lot. I don t work with computers or in an office and many of these help files assume knowledge (and time) that many people do not have. Your explanation was clearer than any I found, though I will look more.

    Since SBC wants us to have Zone and CA, it would be nice if they would tell us how to help them work together.


    Thank You!

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: AntiVirus updates fail (At&T/SBC/Yahoo)

    The term "server" in the Program Control does not refer to a computer but rather to the permission you grant a program. If you grant it 'server' rights, you're allowing it to open a port and listen for a connection request. Programs do not need nor should they be granted 'server' rights to update. When they want to update, it is the program on your computer that will contact the update computer for information, not the other way around.

    If a program opens a port and 'listens', it might allow a Trojan to get in. This would actually defeat the reason you have a firewall in the first place.

    Your settings are as they should be. In fact, the only program you're likely to grant server rights to is Generic Host Process For Win32 Services and that only in the Trusted zone. All other programs should have question X's are not necessary but ok.

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    pleiades Guest

    Default Re: AntiVirus updates fail (At&T/SBC/Yahoo)

    Thank you, I
    understand. P

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