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    zone alarm is stopping me from seeing other peoples display pics and they cant see mine, i have seeked help from messenger and they told me do all this stuff on the zone alarm control panel and it still doesnt work. they said that zone alarm 6.5 has trouble with messenger and that is what version i have. Can someone help me with my problem?

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    naivemelody Guest

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    Best thing for you to do, is go into the topic board
    IMsecure and IMsecure Pro
    third from
    top of the main page, read thru the first, back to 3rd pages; your questions,answers and the bugs will be revealed there. If you still have the 6.5 ZA's, maybe keep it; it works better that 7x, in direct combination with the new 8.1 Live Messenger. Get the new 8.1 Live Messenger, if you didn't already. Little reminder: next time you want to post, it would be more beneficial, to list your system,security set-up,versions of, etc. - it helps others, to better answer your questions/problems.NaiveMelody NYC 2-20-07~12:25am e.s.t. - Take it to da house - Trick Daddy

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