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    poppyhuz Guest

    Default flash player

    I have spent days trying to get flash player sites to work---when a live chat helper said to turn zone alarm off my flash player sites worked--what is zone alarm doing?

    adobe flash seems a well used capability-what does zone alarm think it is?
    thank you

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Update your Adobe Flash player - updated 5-2-08

    Thanks to SlyFox
    and to avon for keeping us updated with Adobe news/ links.<hr>; <hr>Adobe
    Flash Player v. Released
    Date Posted: 04/08/2008
    File Size: 1.5MBs

    "Adobe has upgraded its Flash Player to fix seven vulnerabilities in the graphics and video software widely used for interactive Web pages and banner advertisements.

    Adobe classifies the patches as &quot;critical&quot; and advises people upgrade to the latest version, All of the vulnerabilities could allow a hacker to execute code on a machine.

    Exploiting vulnerabilities in Flash software has become an increasingly popular vector for hackers to compromise machines for two reasons. Most Web browsers have the Flash Player installed, and malicious banner advertisements -- which can achieve wide distribution on Web sites pulling ads from a network -- can take advantage of those vulnerabilities...&quot;<hr><hr>Time to update the Flash player
    April 10, 2008
    by Michael Horowitz -

    If you are reading this on a computer, it's a sure bet that Adobe's Flash Player is installed. A couple days ago, Adobe released a new version of the Flash Player web browser plugin and there are few things you need to know to upgrade correctly.

    To confirm that you need an upgrade, point your browser to The just-released version of the Flash Player is The prior version,, was released in December 2007. Each web browser installed on your computer is a free agent (so to speak) so you need to check each one to know if an upgrade is needed.
    &lt;&lt;&lt; Please click here - excellent instructions and tips. Read carefully. Yes, use their special uninstaller.<hr>

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    poppyhuz Guest

    Default Re: flash player

    thank you for the info on other folks that had problems with flashthe zone alarm version that I was using was 6.(?).What I did was uninstall zone alarm completely, then download a new version which is 7.0.Flash now seems to work--including the flash program
    on the zone alarm page itself.
    so I'm hopeful that I can now use flash, even though I don't know what was the problem with the earlier version.
    thanks again--it's very helpful that forums are available for people with computer problems. I have had many versions of zone alarm running over the years without any problems---so I never would have thought that zone alarm was the root of my flash problem.
    thanks again for your interest.

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    shoobeedoobee Guest

    Default Re: flash player

    I'm using version:7.0.462.000 and having similar problems: I can see the Flash tutorial in ZA but YouTube clips won't play in Opera or IE. I try to update Flash Player (download for Opera, online install for IE) but I get &quot;Object Blocked&quot; when Opera tries to download and in IE it just reloads the install page. I downloaded the Flash installer at work and installed it at home. That didn't change anything either.

    It obviously looks like a firewall issue rather than a browser one. I've tried lowering the security levels and adding to the trusted zone but I'm loathe to just turn off ZA and leave my PC defenceless.

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    shoobeedoobee Guest

    Default Re: flash player


    That thread appears to have been deleted.

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    shoobeedoobee Guest

    Default Re: flash player


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    misst Guest

    Default Re: flash player

    Did anyone figure this out because I am having the same issues? I go to Youtube and it says my Javascript is disabled or I need to download the most current version of flash, which I already have. I have gone through everything. I just downloaded today
    to the latest version of Zone Alarms (7.0.470.000), running XP home.
    I just turned off ZA and it still will not let me view any videos...

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    mrsbean Guest

    Default Re: flash player

    If you get this figured out, let me know.
    This happened to me 4 days ago.
    I was able to view youtube with no problem until a few days ago.
    I get the message that I need to update my version of Flash Player or Javascript is disabled.

    I ended up backdooring the installation and now ZA is seeing Flash as a Trojan and is quarantining it.
    I don't know what to do.
    I'm using Vista (I hate it).

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    misst Guest

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    gatorsfan Guest

    Default Re: flash player

    The only way I've found to make &quot;A M P&quot; to work is to create an expert
    rule for each site that you use w/ it in ZA.
    Open ZA. Program Control. Programs. Highlight
    A M P.exe.
    Options. Expert Rules. Add.General Tab: Name as you wish to recognize site (ie... Weather Channel). State: Enable or disable.
    Action: Allow or Block. OK.Source Tab: Modify, Add Location, Host Site. Description: Name it same as before, Host Name: www.named org net
    whatever. lookup. OK.Destination Tab: Do same as above.Protocol Tab: Modify, Add Protocol, Add Protocol. Description: Name it same as before. OK.Time Tab: Set times if you wish, but this restricts you're access to the site by as little as 15 minutes, or as much as 23 hours 45 minutes.
    Hope this helps.

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