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    I keep getting a warning that "ZA ISS blocked NetBIOS (TCP Port xxxx) TCP Flag S". The port number varies, and I get a new warning about every 30 seconds to one minute. I suspect that address is part of my network, but I cannot figure out what. The More Info button yields a blank page that hangs about 1/2 way through loading. My network is three Win XP Pro systems, D-Link router and a network printer/scanner/fax (Brother MFC610CN).Should I add this address to my trusted list, or is it an intruder?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Repeated address blocked


    This is a local address and not internet. Nobody is attacking you.

    Defined as LinkLocal by IANA...

    A quick run down of LinkLocal by Microsoft, starting with Wins ME...

    Basically it is a UPnP address and often Windows will assume an address from the range of to as a default "can't find an address, but I need to have one, so I picked one that is harmless and hopefully it will work (never does)"

    Turn off the BIOS attacks/warnings in the Alerts in the Alerts and Logs. No harm in doing so, since the router is in front with a SPI/NAT firewall and protecting the LAN. With your D-Link router, there should be no intrusions seen by the ZA, since the LAN is completely stealthed (or should be).

    Best regards.

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    Thanks, oldsod,I suspected as much, but I wanted to be sure what was going on.

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