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Thread: Cannot access my network nodes

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    paulsee Guest

    Default Cannot access my network nodes

    Since installing ZoneAlarm I can not access any nodes on my home network for file or printer sharing. They still indicate that they belong to the same workgroup and the sharing icon is still showing on the folder. When I click on My Network Places, they all show up but when I click on one, I get a message that they are not accessible. I have put all the node addresses into the Trusted Zone. I am using Win2KPro, IE6.0 and a P4 2Ghz. What now??

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Cannot access my network nodes

    ICS does not work with Zone Alarm Free. You'll need to upgrade to Zone Alarm Pro or get a router.

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    paulsee Guest

    Default Re: Cannot access my network nodes

    WHAT THE HECK IS ICS??? I am already using a Linksys 5 port router and it worked fine before installing ZA free. Now I can't access any nodes that I could before. I get a notice that says they are not accessible!

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Cannot access my network nodes

    Sorry, I miss understood. Do you have your LAN in the Trusted Zone of your Zone Alarm Firewall > Zones panel and have you lowered your Trusted Zone security slider to 'Medium'?

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    paulsee Guest

    Default Re: Cannot access my network nodes

    Hi Bill, Yes all my node addresses are all
    in the TRUSTED zone and the security is set to MEDIUM.
    I read somewhere on this forum about deleting remembered choices to alert popups. I had in the past responded to alert popups by denying the request and then when they continued to popup, I just checked the "remember this choice" box and denied the request. Maybe that was a request from my router to talk to my nodes??
    If that's so, is there any way to "unremember" the denied choice for this
    alert popup?
    Thanks for your assistance,Paul

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